Officer Juan

Officer Juan Ulroy Norren

Officer Juan U. Norren is an Australian red fox who works for the UUPD. He was recruited for his amazing smelling ability. His sense of smell is as good as Officer Wayne's, which is why the two of them are partners. And believe it or not, they are both good at smelling out trouble. The problem is that Wayne and Juan are rivals due to dogs and foxes being natural enemies. The two are normally at each other's throats 100% of the time. It doesn't help he tends to be an even bigger jerk than even Axle, who thinks that Juan is not suited for police work. But despite this, and the fact that Juan is not considered 'mentally balanced', Juan does in fact give his all, and Juan's good nature is the most dominant. However, he has a bad habit of pulling pranks on even Wayne, and while even Axle and the other police, even Chief Bullington, had learned to live with it, understanding it's just in Juan's child-like persona, Wayne does not, and never will.


Juan was born in Dragon Realms Australia near the Legend of Spyro version of the Kangaroo Hoodoos as the son of a Spanish mother who moved to Australia after marrying another fox, giving him his Spanish name as a result. Juan had grown up with little to offer in his life, being autistic, and not exactly a genius, Juan wasn't strongly popular with people, with the exception of a kind-hearted kangaroo friend and several unsentient animals that were self-aware enough to sympathize with him.

Juan grew fascinated by police shows, and started to dream of becoming one so he can feel brave and important. So he built up some skill throughout the years under the tutelage of his kangaroo friend, and his experience lead him to joining the UUPD. Bullington felt sorry for his autism, and decided to take him in. But his autism meant that he needed a partner to guide him properly. And so, he chose Officer Wayne to be his partner, unaware of Wayne's true past. Juan would start pulling pranks on a lot of people including and espeically on Wayne, originally just to have fun, but now to try and misguidingly make Wayne feel better about his "troubles" from when a fox murdered his parents being the shorce of his attatude, and one such prank would cross the line and push Wayne to his limit.


  • "Just your friendly neighborhood fox, mate."
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