Jubilee Jump

Jubilee Jump is a fictional alien from Cel Toonus. Created for a cartoon during a WWI-like era of the Interwar Period by Joson Drawsney, she was depicted as a cybernetic-limbed alien and one of the survivors of the cataclysm that her fictional home planet of Clade suffered with beauty 'as elegant as the resilience of life itself' and a crazy trigger-happy edge similar to EVE in WALL-E with her tech-visors and limbs that can cartoonishly stretch and transform into arm cannons. Eventually she learned to live safely and less destructively after falling in love with a robot named Morty, who taught her how to sing and dance. The cartoon show was of a 20's style and thus the characters were black and white, and the two were famed for their rubberhose movement and charming personalities and chemistry. The show was intended that way despite the advanced animation technology of the time, as a metaphor of colorful things that can come from things that are black and white. However, the show was cancelled due to harmful changes including war propaganda, causing Joson to quit on the series and end up using magic paint on Cel Toonus to create the characters in his image, but got carried away, emotionless, and drowning in the magic paint. With no purpose, his creations began going rogue, including a heartbroken Jubilee who left Morty and took his friend Gordy after getting fed up with his unrelenting optimism and blindness to reality, naming herself the dictator of Cel Toonus who did untold experiments to find a way to get a new purpose and a destiny for Drawsney's creations, while her hurt robot boyfriend yearned to have the Jubilee he loved back.


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