Judge Cork Marklaoss

Judge Cork Pallas Marklaoss

Judge Cork P. Marklaoss, legally changed from Cork Poo Marka, is an Alternate UUniversal Sabochan from Planet Awmen. He is known, and feared, as the most strict and most merciless judge in the history of the AUU. He lacks forgiveness, understanding, and never reconsiders any sentence he carries out because he believes that the law is what makes people who they were, and is what keeps them from being animalistic. He grew up with this exact belief all his life, believing the law always comes before personal feelings, and not giving anyone a slack. Because of this, he is a common target for the many innocent people he judged harshly, which often includes assassination attempts by groups known for that, including The Dark Sisterhood and The Bounty Hunter Consortium. Even fellow judges fear him because of his nearly-ominous presence. While the Grand Council is all too aware that Cork might not necessarily be good, or had the proper morals to be a judge for that matter, they couldn't touch him because his family has surpreme wealth and held many strings to the budget of the Legion of Dominant Races' federations, and therefore punishing him would mean they'll lose their access of money unless the family sees him as bad. He is mostly responsible for ruining many innocent lives, including those of Thakkus by life-sentencing his crime lord father who was trying to repent, and Farina the Rash for death-sentencing her parents and leaving her to be sold out by dishonest uncles to the Villains Act, thus leaving people like them to swear vengeance. In akin to General Gormac and Warden Croker, Cork isn't agreeable with the existence of the Shell Lodgers or the Heroes Act even with their achievements since he considers them 'unlicensed vigilantes'. He is essentially the Judge Claude Frollo of the Alternate UUniverses.


Cork was born on the Sabochan planet Awmen, where he grew up as the son of the rich Marka Family that held many strings to all of the federations of the Legion of Dominant Races in terms of budget, and had a vast knowledge in civil economics and AUU history. However, this knowledge came with a price that, ever since a terrible time when a bully was able to get away with attempted murder of a friend of Cork's through lies that were able to fool the principal, he had grown to have a belief that laws weren't being considered a serious thing in modern-day society. He tried to show his school that laws are what make people who they are and not who they aren't, but they were constantly ignored and never acknowledged because these beliefs were controversial and often wrong. Even in law school, nobody listened to his beliefs. But he was able to get the attention of one student, and in several years time, they both became judges for the AUU Court.

While Cork was finally taken seriously, he was considered a questionable candidate for his beliefs by his classmates in school. However, Cork was still able to retain his position because his skills were needed and he had diplomatic immunity. Then the Villains Act came along, and he decided that his beliefs should finally be acknowledged since a lot more criminals will get away with crimes. And he felt that the only way for that to happen is to judge people regardless of reason or motivation. This lead to him getting several people wanting him dead including the Dark Sisterhood and the Bounty Hunter Consortium. He even went as far as punishing those who had tragic pasts or broke the law by accident without a fair trial, including Thakkus and Farina the Rash, because he reasoned with the Court and himself that they were criminals and that's all they would ever be. He sentenced Thakkus' father to life imprisonment when he was about to quit being a crime lord, and harshly executed Farina's parents for accidentally killing a politician thinking he was corrupt.

He was happy that people were finally taking his beliefs into account, and was personally happy that the Villains Act even started as it was the one thing that made him so 'successful', though in keeping character that he's a lawful judge, still views them as 'criminals' and still wouldn't hestitate to punish any of them regardless of ironic gratitude, unaware that his beliefs only lead to the addition of more villains occurring and ruining lives.


  • "The law must always come first before any personal nonsense. And it must ALWAYS grant the punishment."
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