Judge Odium is a monster from Mewni. He is of a monster species called the Coromantaurs, which were like a mix of many fantasy creatures, having the tail of a scorpion, the wings and head of a dragon, the mane of a lion, horns of a ram, dragon limbs, and one giant right cat eye aside a normal monster eye. He's a very grudging monster who despises Mewmans just as much as Toffee or Seth of Septarsis, since like them, he lived during the age of Queen Solaria, and even today, he despises her daughter Queen Eclipsa no matter how supportive of monsters she is, only being loyal to her monster husband Globgor, and even refuses to interact with Meteora. He even has a hatred for Queen Moon, since she killed his brother, the first monster she killed after defeating Toffee the first time, doing it brutally due to the death of her mother. Odium swore to get rid of Mewmans, but only kills those who oppose his goals, which he could do because of his ability to breath fire and his stinger venom which attacks the nervous system and inflicts 12 hours of agonizing pain, sending his victims into half a day of blood-curdling screams that remind people what happens when they disobey him. He soon became appointed as a judge by Globgor, only to rally all monsters in New Mewni to put Moon on trial and banish her because she was responsible for giving Mina Loveberry an unstoppable Solarian Army that couldn't be undone. When her daughter Star Butterfly protests and brings Moon back, she gets stung and Marco Diaz helps bring him to justice only to get stung himself. But while setting them for execution, he is killed by Mina, who stole Area 51 technology from the other dimensions Mewni was familiar with to build a tech version of Solarian Armor and an alien steroid that gave her her old Solarian warrior form back. After she is defeated, captured by a Monster Bounty Hunter that was trailing her for awhile and imprisoned, Moon is accepted, but Mina infects her anti-monster ideals to humans aiming to repeat history.


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