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While taking out the trash, SpongeBob finds what appears to be a damaged robot in the trash. He shows it to the Lodge, and within hours of repairing and clensing, the robot was brought to life. The robot, calling itself Javelin, has a conscience, but has no actual programming. To help Javelin out, the Lodgers decide to trace Javelin's original programming by studying his appearance and technology, and soon learn that Alister had a hand in the creation of Javelin. When Alister sees Javelin for the first time, he begins getting nervous and worried, and wants the Lodge to shut Javelin down forever. The Lodge doesn't approve, and soon learn that Javelin was originally meant to be a military superweapon for a lost and forgotten military project called Project: Juggernaut, which Alister himself had helped with after his success in restoring Jasmine's flight. The project was meant to provide an unstoppable military weapon, but Alister had known that the first prototype, which was Javelin, was not safe for mass production because the prototype would probably be too intelligent, allowing it to wonder why it had to take orders, causing it to rebel against the military, and take over the UUniverses. However, Alister ends up looking like an asshole when he found out Javelin is perfectly capable to restrain himself of such rebelious thoughts, and is hurt Alister did this to him because he would do something as stupid as that! This made Alister suddenly unpopular to the lougers and Jasmine, as Javlen ran away to hide away, to do the only thing to make Alister happy, to rot in the trash and never be seen again.... However, Javelen ends up becoming the center of attention when Team Nefarious plan on using it to their evil advantage, and to top it off, Sgt. Siegfried Oranchov also wants Javelin to resume project juggernaut, and to have Alister punished and exicuted for interfearing with a russin millaterry project, and has gone to the point that if anyone interveines, he'll have his troops kill them. Can Alister apologies for being a "Robot Overlord" fearing twat while the Lougers and Rachent and Clank stop Team Nefarious and Orancov?


Javelin's Backstory

  • (Alister): You see, after I restored Jasmine's flight, I was unexpectedly drafted into the Russian military. There I met Sergeant Siegfried Oranchov, who said he served in the Cold War, and we worked on a top-secret plan known as Project Juggernaut. The plan was to make invincible robot soldiers with abilities far beyond the ordinary soldier. I worked tirelessly to make the first prototype, and I succeeded. During training, I saw he could complete 25 training course. Siegfried said that we would begin making more soldiers like Javelin, but after further research, I got concerned. The robot I made was gaining intelligence far too advanced to be used in the field of battle and--'
  • (Icky): (Dubbed as Mr. Incredible) Let me guess, you were afraid it would get smart enough to figure out why it had to take orders.
  • (Alister): I tried to tell Siegfried about the dangers, but he wouldn't listen, and sure enough, I did what I had to do. I erased the military protocol from Javelin and threw it away, hoping that no one would ever find it.
  • (Icky): "...... Still a dick move, dude."

The Distraction

  • Skipper: We take this shame to our graves.
  • Kowalski: Agreed.

Dschinghis Khan - Moskau 1979

Another Embarrassing Penguin Distraction



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