Jun-Galax-Tai-Ma-Rek is a horrendus Half-Darkspawn abomination that is a fusing of JunjieTirekTai LungGallaxhar, and Makunga by Junjie himself to counter Tirek's attempted betrayal to ensure Tirek stays obedient ONE WAY OR THE OTHER, resulting in a monsterious, Cen-Lio-Leo-Alie-Fox-N-Pard-Taur, or to be best discriped as "Dark Magic/Nature gone mad!?", or as an argueability better name, "Chimera of Evil". It also suffered from a serious case of dueling personalities, made complicated to understand which personally was in control due to the fact that all of the villains' voices were talking in fused unison. It's greatest strength to combinsate these awkword weaknesses is that it's asentually normal Tirek on super-steriods, with nearly the size of his full power form to boot, making it a formitable beast. However, Tirek's will would eventally be proven stronger then Junjie's and easily took control of this monsterious form. Thankfully, this monstrosity wasn't here to stay, and the Shell Louge Squad saw to it! It's appearence is.... Self Explanatory.
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