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Junjie (Full Body) (Also Comcept art.)

Junjie (formerly Master Junjie) is one of the villains in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. He and Shifu were once students of Master Oogway. Junjie wanted to get rid of Shifu so that he could take over as the master of the Jade Palace.

Junjie is an evil fox who first appears in the episode "Sight for Sore Eyes". He joins Master Chao for a meeting with Master Shifu to inspect the Jade Palace. Shifu tells Po and his other trainers to go back to their quarters. However, Junjie secretly offers to let Po have a peek of the masters' ancient sparring. Later, Po witnesses the event, when Junjie performs the Golden Lotus Clap, which makes Po blind. This leads him to accidentally ruin the sacred Pyramid of Fortitude, which gets Shifu replaced by Junjie as the new master. After Junjie replaces the Furious Five with his leopard warriors, everyone blames Po. Soon, Po finds out that Junjie has imprisoned Shifu and plans to destroy him. With none of the Furious Five wanting to trust Po anymore, he goes off on his own to stop Junjie, only for him and Master Chao to be imprisoned as well. The Furious Five are soon convinced by Mr. Ping that Po needs their help, and they set off for the rescue. As they fight off Junjie's minions, Junjie is fought and defeated by Po. Junjie and his minions are then sent to Chor Ghom Prison while Po regains the trust of the Furious Five.

He appears again in "Ghost of Oogway". He disguises himself as the ghost of Oogway to fool Po into listening to him. This advice eventually leads Po to drive Shifu out of the Jade Palace. As Po runs off in search of Shifu, Junjie and his henchmen attack the Furious Five. Po returns to find the Furious Five tied up and realizes Junjie's plot. As they battle, the ghost of Oogway apparently returns and punishes Junjie. It is soon revealed that Shifu used the same trick to disguise himself as the ghost of Oogway, and with the help of Po and the Furious Five, Junjie and his henchmen are defeated.

Role in the series.


Because Lord Shen has reformed unlike his film character and Tai Lung has been too much of a failure due to past mistakes to even hope to get past warrior rank, the Villain League has recruited Junjie to their organization in the hopes of providing their team with a villain that has the agility and intelligence of Shen, and the raw strength of Tai Lung. Of course, it will depend if Cobra will over-look the fact Junjie took part in stoping Cobra in the second cartoonian war. If this suprises you, don't be. Originally, Oogway had three apprentices: Shifu, Junjie, and Mang, aka the chinese word for serpent or snake or cobra. Junjie and Mang were both power hungry and desired to one-up their teacher to try and become Kung Fu Masters. Only Shifu detected their scheme and was able to defeat them both. Oogway decided to give Junjie a second chance to redeem himself, while Mang was sent away in exile. It was only after Mang was exiled that Facilier found the snake, gave him the amulet, and turned him into basically Rasputin. Shifu and Junjie united grudgingly to fight in the second Cartoonian War against Mang, who had took to call himself Cobra because he felt he was above his chinese origins. Truth to say, Shifu became the first Kingdom Key wielder, while Junjie obtained the Way to Dawn keyblade, and the two ended the war with their combined light attack which flung Mang Cobra to Madagascar, where the evil serpent was to remain forever in banishment. Not long after the war ended, Junjie began to desire power again, which led to his schemes in Legends of Awesomeness. He will return in the Spongebob series where he plans on controlling the Shell Louge Squad for his own nefarious deeds, but will end up being defeated yet again. From then on, he would become the extremeist of the leage, with his attempts raging from usurping the Lougers of Shifu and the REAL louger leaders, Spongebob (and tecnecly Spyro in Tman's eyes), and various plans to earn Mang's faver to avoid countless abuse, whether it concerned Kairi or bettering the leage. Junjie is obviously highly dissatisfived and disgusted by his mistreatment on not just him, but how Mang is leading the Villain Leage to almost become more inferior then even Team Nefarious. However, his plans end in failure thanks to the lougers being quick to counteract all of his attempts, and end with Mang humoriously punished, eventally lead to Jungie's often painful or disgusting or very pitiful punishments, sometimes even cruel enough to make Darkspawn gulp in fear. He commanly assusiates with Tai LungGallaxhar, and Makunga, cause they are inspired by his genius to better the leage or even if it concerns an easy capture of Kairi, even if it leads to them being dragged into rotine punishments, though they're not quick to hestitent and try to talk Junjie into confessing and admiting defeat when a plan does fail. He also earns faver of the rest of the leage, (with obvious exception of Mang), including Mack Salmon, dispite being framed by him once, cause Mack is espically conviced that Mang needs to wake up from his imcompidence and restore the Leage back to it's not afraid of the High Council days, and Mirage who allowed him into the leage to begin with, cause she likes the darkness in Junjie's heart. Though sometimes, his reputation would be, briefly hurt, espeically after his extremisum leads to failure. Most netouriously, was the "failed" reserection of Vexen, when realy, he did brought him back, but an ambush by Axel and a growing band of goodifived nobodies ambushed him and took Vexen. He also keeps a private henchmen group made of artifical ponies called The Sinister 7 that were meant to be that "Mysterious plan" in Forget-Me-Never, and would since then, be a secondary big bad the lougers have to put up with, though not that high ranking of the leage outside of stragigist, Junjie's unhealthy extremenestisum makes him an annoyingly persisent problem and a considerate threat to the louger's mission to protact Kairi, and a reminder of how the Villain Leage DID used to think like him in the past, and eventally, that is deffently gonna be true in the two parter Junjie's Revenge.