Junjie is once again up to his old tricks. This time, it's because of him befriending a Mothron Myth Cronicler named Mython, who suggested the perfect monster to use against Gazelle, who used to be friends with him. And that is a creature from the world of MoanaTamatoa, as he got him off his back, as he was promsied the 'shininess' of the Uniter Keyblade in return for disposing of Gazelle, who at this time is in the midst of a mammal pride parade (Which was once a skunk pride parade until shenanigans lead to some change), where the Lodgers and the ZPD are there present. However, both and Gazelle are in the fight for their lives when Tamatoa does manage to overwealm Gazelle the minute he took the keyblade away and didn't get burned by it thanks to Mothron magic. How can our heroes defeat a giant Demi-God Crab? Perhaps the info can be revealed by those of his world, Moana and Maui.


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