Junny Vertse

Junny Xivia Vertse

Junny X. Vertse is an Alternate UUniversal Toth from Planet Vertse. She is a child and the little sister of Sonny Vertse whose family fought against a rogue network called VertSpek, and as a child, she had to have a normal-enough childhood life until their father died not too long after sending them away. Though she wants to help her sister, she constantly gets herself in peril with the rogue Vert-Bots. But then she finally learns of her father's fate from Victorseus. Though discovering the truth was bad enough on it's own, when the wound gets rubbed with salt thanks to Roboface during an insane mission to destroy the Crystalline Core, she unlocks something her father gave her that earns her a spot in the Heroes Act: She has a nanorobotic system inside her body that could be activated either by maturity or a boost of hope and grown mindset, giving her unique abilities.


Junny was born a year before the world of Vertse was ravaged VertSpek in due to the attempted actions of Boing negosiating a Vertbot trade and/or having Starbots connected to VertSpek to empower the VA and the subsiquint framing of the VertBots going rogue when an attempt to stop and expose Boing only left him unplesently disfigured, as her mother died of a bacteria of neverending bleeding after childbirth and her father Jonathince, in wanting the best for his children, injects Junny with prototype nanobots meant to develop her quicker than normal in an event of a disaster. This made baby Junny smart enough to solve a shape-in-the-hole game and say her first word 'bot' the day after injection. This made Jonathince proud that Junny would be just like her teenage sister. After the Vertbots seemingly go rogue, Junny grows into a gifted child while her sister raises her as an adult sister, not telling the sensitive child about her father's death and just telling her he was alive but somewhere else. Junny since grew up to be just like her when she was her age.


Junny is naturally amphibious, and she can jump very high. Despite being a child, the nanobots inside Junny make her tough at heart and mind. Not only does it make her smarter than an average child, it gives her immunity to the oxygen that is poisonous to her race, it makes her a wide observer, she can learn and mimic anything simply by watching it being done, and like her sister, she can learn gymnastics, agility, speed, stamina, and resist electricity. The nanobots in her body enhance her body systems to situations beyond her age's standards, making her just as formidable as her big sister, she has robotic strength, electricity enhances her physical capabilities, she can cast a yellow bioelectric aura around her body as a recharging shield, she can translate machine language and read data like a foreign language, she can perform robot-like feats including stopping a runaway train, and she is just as good with machines as her sister.

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