Jurgen McPallath

Jurgen Roysa McPallath

Jurgen R. McPallath is an Alternate UUniversal Sozaboon from Planet Danoucant. He is an aggressive and mean member of The Bounty Hunter Consortium and is among one of the best. He was raised by a rich family, yet because Jurgen accidentally ruined a transaction of one of his father's friends, he was thrown off a dam by that person, was found by fisherman, and put in an orphanage. When he became 21, Jurgen discovered that his family was still alive, and upon learning that he was thrown off a dam by one of his father's friends, he returned home and killed the guy responsible, who was already elderly. To avoid getting arrested for murder, he joined the Consortium and became one of the most feared bounty hunters. Jurgen is the most aggressive bounty hunter in the Consortium, and Lik-Lick Tick Blick admires his anger making him strong, and feels that that is what a perfect bounty hunter should be like, yet he still chose Xrandy as their trademark bounty hunter because he was among their best, and had previously been able to beat Jurgen in an arena match. Jurgen flies across the AUU in his spaceship called Vengeance.


Jurgen was born on the gambling planet of Danoucant. There, he was raised by a performer mother and a father who works at a pizza restaurant. The two had raised Jurgen very well for the next 4 years until something terrible happened in the form of a friend of his father named Tinn. Jurgen wanted to play with Tinn one day when he was in the middle of a secret transaction in order to get some money. However, when Jurgen accidentally caused the group to storm off and tell Tinn that he blew his last chance, Tinn got angry and swore to make Jurgen pay. He was able to manipulate Jurgen's parents into having him babysit him when they were off doing their business trips, and when they left, Tinn grabbed Jurgen and threw him off a dam thinking him to be dead.

A day later, Jurgen was recovered by fisherman and he was put in an orphanage somewhere far away from his parents. He stayed there until he was 18 when he left on his own to find a job. He was able to get a job as a worker for a restaurant and did martial arts classes so he could be physically fit. By the time he became 21, he had mastered martial arts, and he believed it was time for him to find a bigger job. This lead to him getting a job as a manager of the same dam that he was thrown off of long ago. This was able to bring back memories and he suddenly remembered that he was in his hometown. He went to his house to see his parents, only to discover that they moved long ago. But by looking at the house, he was able to regain more memories, and he was able to hear that a Sozaboon child was lost from his parents long ago thanks to a vengeful friend of his father from some local gangsters. He was able to use his martial arts to beat gangsters for answers, and discovered that Tinn was at a retirement home since he was now old. He was able to find Tinn when it was midnight, kidnap him to a private area, and murder him upon waking up.

Not only was he unable to find his parents, but he was also made wanted for kidnapping and murder when Tinn's body was found in the alley. So he fled into the underground levels of Narene where he was confronted by Lik-Lick, who he explained only murdered the old person because he stole him from his family long ago because of an accident. Sympathetic, Lik decided to offer him to join the Bounty Hunter Consortium. With no thought except for the fact that he would never be accepted in society due to his criminal status, he accepts and got trained to become the Consortium's most feared, powerful, and relentless bounty hunters. He even competed in the same arena where Xrandy earned his trademark status, and won a battle against Malachite the Master and Viume Phyarse, but not against Xrandy.


Jurgen is a merciless primate with natural strength, agility, and reflexes. He can climb on anything easily, and he is an expert in 3 martial arts: Dojkibo (A Souvisian version of Hapkido), Djiem Malo (A Crinathashan martial art specializing in dodging/blocking powerful attacks and accurate attacks), and Yuqor Goah (A Seourusian martial art that specializes in pressure-point combat and aerial combat). He has great gymnastic skills and can jump across gaps with great resilience. He wears a suit of black and blue armor composed of Kevlar, Nomex, and lightweight titanium, and he has a power gauntlet on his left arm which gives him powerful punches and strength.

He keeps an entire arsenal of weapons inside his belt and ISD (Infinite-Storage Device). He wields up to 4 weapons: A Hibbs HPW558 'Seeker' Heat-Seeking Energy Pistol, a Eudoxus TS338A Thermite Blast Shotgun, an Oenopides GL-557 Grenade Launcher, and an M25C Anvlossor Laser Minigun. He carries several kinds of explosives such as thermal detonators, ion detonators, flame grenades, and sticky grenades that can detonate in one second in skin contact. Jurgen also carries some equipment such as a hacking device, a proton whip that allows him to grab opponents from a distance of 5 yards, a grappling hook, surveillance probes, and some gravity nodes that can pull in opponents when activated for 5 seconds.

Jurgen flies in a spaceship called the Vengeance. This spaceship has armor composed of uranium and a titanium alloy, and is propelled by 6 atomic thrusters powered by atomic batteries that can last for 5 years. The ship has a double-powered deflector shield and comes with a cloaking device. It is armed with 2 laser Gatling gun turrets, 2 missile launchers, and a pivoting ion cannon that knocks out enemy ships' power.

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