The Justic Teens

Justic Teens

The Justic Teens are a group of 6 Superiors from Planet Kratos who dedicated themselves as heroes since Superior Planet. They are the main allies of Master Algorithm, and help keep Kratos safe from crime. They surprisingly got the idea to form a super-team after they stopped a crime in sheer luck. They are considered the youngest of any other hero team on Kratos, and they are still able to stop crime at such young ages.


The Justic Teens were all born in the same hometown of New Athens. They all grew up together in school, and met in crazy circumstances. Ororo was a Superior with the ability of power mimicry, a power which had been known in history to have been a power of prejudice and discrimination, and had used it to do magic tricks. Tyrone was a telepath who had been granted a job as an inventor and had always had a crush on a rich telepath named Veronica McOmniverse. Walt was a neurotic swimmer who had a job as a swimming coach. Meg was an athletic gymnast who was often seen jumping and swinging across the rooftops of New Athens, and thus became known to the people who saw her, including Ororo. Scarlett was a low-level FBI agent who has been known for breathing ionic energy. And Tane was a wacky and fast-talking speedster who was often an annoyance to the city, especially for his clumsy nature.

These 6 friends have had great lives together until Master Algorithm, worried for the safety of Ororo after hearing that The Mimic Cult might have an interest in her, illegalizes power mimicry to protect her. While this caused small hysteria, and it got Ororo's parents out of a job, Ororo and her friends decide to rebel against Algor for this 'unfair' law, and quickly discover that Algor was intending to create a supercontinent on Kratos by becoming omnipotent as a means to get visitors back to Kratos. But before they can let the press know, they were captured and had their memories erased. But Algor, knowing that Ororo would've been in more trouble thanks to this, decides to exile her to Paradisa where the Mimic Cult could never find her. While her friends were spared from exile and had lost their memories, Tyrone was the only one that wasn't affected, and had reminded the others know about the whole thing.

As 2 years passed by, Ororo was being raised in a freak-show-like circus with an adopted uncle named Captain Pelly, along with several others who made just as good friends. However, that was when the Shell Lodge Squad came by on vacation and discovered her talents. After saving the circus from Senator Tricorn, Ororo was brought back to Kratos, and after reuniting with her old friends whom she had a hard time remembering, she was finally made aware of it after they abducted her, and they, along with the convinced Shell Lodgers, planned to stop Algor from becoming omnipotent and risk the safety of Superior-kind. Especially when his majordomo, Shamus von Phantomarge, was plotting to make Superiors normal to avoid a xenophobic fear of other-worldly beings planning to overthrow Superiors. The heroes are able to stop him, and out of respect for Ororo, Algor legalized power mimicry again, reunited her with her biological parents, and the 6 heroes were made famous.

As 2 more years passed by, while the many actions that day sparked several things to happen soon, including the Mimic Cult convinced of Ororo being a successful edition to their group, and a jealous school rival plotting to humiliate Ororo, the 6 friends' lives are improved as they grew into adulthood. Ororo got a job as a member of a circus after having experience in one, Tyrone got an award for developing much more efficient inventions since the experience, Walt retired as a swimming coach and became a stand-up comedian, Meg became a gymnastics teacher, Scarlett retired as an FBI officer and became a security guard for the Prometheus Temple, and Tane got a job as a children's entertainer, and a rather funny one at that. They all had started living at Walt's house since they saved Kratos. The group had much better lives than they had before, and in a stunning turn of events, they see a crime spontaneously appearing in their direction, and decide that it wouldn't hurt to have some action. They actually stop the crime, and when they realize how amazing it felt, they get the idea to become a team. They name themselves the 'Justic Teens', and Master Algor pronounced them as the main taskforce after the newly-formed Super Ops Taskeforce Agency which his scientist, Aaron Solaris, was chosen to be part of. With these two teams together, they have become a force that couldn't be reckoned with.


  1. Ororo Joltzen- A Superior ocelot who is the leader of the group. In her youth, she was good at doing a few magic tricks, with or without her ability to absorb and/or copy the powers of other Superiors. But Master Algorithm, because he feared that The Mimic Cult would try and corrupt her, had power mimicry illegalized, which caused her and her friends to find a way to take him down. Before they could do it, Ororo and her friends were wiped of their memories, and Ororo was exiled to Paradisa, where she was raised by a freak-show-like circus run by Captain Pelly, and when the Shell Lodge helped her home and helped her set things right, she was reunited with her biological parents, Algor had power mimicry legal again, and as the years passed, she grew up and got a job as a member of a circus after gaining experience in one. She later gets a boyfriend named Wade Furyclaw, who might be a really controversial boyfriend in general.
  2. Tyrone Syndromeda- A Superior coati who is the genius of the group. He is a powerful telepath who grew up with scientist parents and he became an inventor at age 16. He is the only one who didn't lose his memories after Algor's actions, and he was able to remind the others and get them to help Ororo and Kratos. After that, he continued his work as an inventor and gained an award for gaining much better insight after fighting for something.
  3. Walt Waewaetoroa- A Superior walrus who is the muscle of the group. He is a neurotic and stressful person who speaks like Sid from Ice Age, and is almost as annoying as said character. When he moved from his Arctic island home, he became a swimming coach. After he helped save Kratos from danger, he retired as a swimming coach, and became a stand-up comedian after finding out that his silly nature could be used as a kind of talent.
  4. Meg Wonderwyatt- A Superior Siberian fox who is the stealth member of the group. She is an extremely quick and graceful athlete who spends most of her time jumping, swinging, and scaling the city that she lives in, and meets Ororo while doing it. She is a talented gymnast who, because of being noticed by the people who saw her exercising in the city, is known to have the nickname 'Flying Fox'. When she helps save Kratos, she grows up and becomes a gymnastics teacher like her mother.
  5. Scarlett Blasterfire- A Superior gibbon who is the strategy of the group. She was raised by two FBI agents, and when she became 17, she got a job as an FBI Rookie. She had been in the FBI for a year, even after losing her memory. Though she is as athletic and flexible as Meg, she doesn't prefer to be as athletic, and usually makes jokes 30% of the time. After she saves Kratos, she retires from the FBI, and becomes a security guard for the Prometheus Temple, and wasn't thinking of applying for the Super Ops even with Algor offering it.
  6. Tane Speedromacros- A Superior cheetah who is the saboteur of the group. With his super-speed, he is known to be the fastest, but is very clumsy, and because he talks so rapidly fast, people can barely understand him. He wears a special suit all day to prevent the enormous heat from his super-speed's air friction would cause him to explode. He is never allowed to have any sugar products because of how crazy he already is, but if he were to have it, he would be even more crazy, which might sometimes be an advantage to the Justic Teens. After he helped save Kratos, he grew up and got a job as a children's entertainer, and a very funny one at that.
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