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The Justice Continuum is a fictional league of omnipotent Superiors who were published by Kratos' Generation Comics. In the comics, the Justice Continuum is a league of Superiors that were made omnipotent in legal boundaries by a certain Superior named Halifax the All-Knowing, who desired to make sure that heroism was kept in control, and that Superior powers were never controlled by evil, especially to never allow other illegally omnipotent Superiors to cause trouble. They watch over every superhero and make sure they don't do anything sensitive and illegal, and harshly punish those who go too far with artificially controlling superpowers. But they also have been having troubles from a criminal corporation called Ampers Inc run by 7 corrupt CEOs that have been secretly tricking heroes to have their powers amped up to the point where they are unable to control them, and become too dangerous or completely helpless. Ampers Inc. has been suddenly manipulated by The Bureau of Evil, a villain team hosting the most infamous of Kratos' villains and being lead by the Prince of Destruction, a former prince of a Kingdom of omnipotent Superiors until, as punishment for PD convincing his kingdom to illegally create more omnipotent beings without the JC's permission, the JC strongly convinced PD's parents to stop this madness, changed the Superiors into regular Superiors, including PD, and banished him to Kratos. When PD illegally gets his omnipotence back, he plans to seeking revenge against the JC by tricking them into punishing enough heroes to take them down completely. This battle is being fought with other Generation Comics heroes, including The Enigmas and C.A.S.T.L.E., but strictly only for certain issues. Eventally, the JC will catch on to that they're being tricked to punish heroes that were more victims then traitors and will soon make amends by not only to restore them all to their powers, but to also go after the Bureau and The Prince of Destruction, and undo his contol over the CEOs and Ampers.


Publication History

The creator of this comic series was pretty much an overly ambitious superior who suffered from Karma being what he discribed as a "Picky, Picky bitch". Originally, the Justice Continuum started out as a Noval that pretty much covered the entire series in one full book. The only villains that existed where just the Burou of Evil and Ampers Inc. It had up to nearly 50 chapters of complincated, long, and almost hard to follow story-line that never seemed to end... But it's complexity wasn't enough to deter fans that were compident or pathent readers. But the younger folk were discouraged by pictureless novels and "Big words". Problem is, Maxwell Handacranch, was a TERRORABLE artist! He has a wonderful imagination, but his drawing and use of colors is surprisingly and horrendusly amaturish at best. That's why the JC was made a pictureless Novel. But Maxwell knew he needed to attract more then his usual audience and fast or his work would be made obscured. Luckly, he met a beautiful but muted meerkat named Meeksa Hanvel, who was famed for being a talented independent artist that worked for money to pay for being able to feed her troubled and autistic children. Maxwell, being sympathic AND seeing a great oppertunity, hired Meeksa to help him with his plans for a Graphic Novel. Maxwell discriped each of the characters he envisioned in his imagination, and Meeksa got them right every time. Days and nearly months of hard work got into the novel and finally, the graphic novel was created at last.

The Book not only selled well with fans of the original novel loving the idea of seeing their faverite book come to life in pictures made by a famous artest, but those that originally can't understand Maxwell's complexaity can at least look at the pretty pictures and just read what they're talking about. Maxwell truely understood the meaning of "A picture's worth a thoundson words". But then, Maxwell soon became too ambitious. He tried to sell the JC as an adult TV series since his novel talked about the controverseal use of Omipotencey, considering the ideal not suitable for children, but the network excututives politely insisted that it conflicts with their plans to reinvent the series to appeal to a broader audience. He one point tried to get a R-rated Movie deal out of it, but natrolly, the movie excutives politely insisted the same thing. Maxwell felt the the JC would never be able to reach another form of media... Then Generation Comics came and offered a chance to have his novel become a comic book series and earn an even greater audience. Maxwell at first wanted to reject the proposal, because the last time he tried to give JC to XD Comix and insist it must remain mature, they politely turned him down. But Generation Comics promised to allow his idea to be treated as maturely as he wants, and if his series were to be attempted to be aimed at children, he insists someone else has to be incharged of "Kidifiving" the stories. A deal was stucked and the novel world was taken to the comics. it lead to Maxwell and Meeksa to introduse more characters, some they created, others new friends in GC suggested. Eventally, Maxwell and Meeksa married and desided to settle down and sold the rights to the comics for Generations Comics to own, who they still kept their promise to treat the series with dignity.

Comic History

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  1. Halifax the All-Knowing- An omnipotent Superior Emperor tamarin who is the founder of the Justice Continuum, and is an old friend of Grotch Prometheus, and makes sure heroism isn't being manipulated, as well as superpowers. He is a strict, but kind-hearted leader who is willing to do anything to accomplish a job. As the leader of the Justice Continuum, he is omnipotent, possessing all the power in the UUniverses.
  2. Lance the Karma- An omnipotent Superior flamingo who is the deuteragonist of the comic series. He is Kyran's rival, and is a really perfect member of the Justice Continuum. The comic series focuses on both Halifax and Lance, who both slowly develop a friendship as the series continues. He has a crush on Shawna, but by all means he is very gentlemanly about it, but also awkward at it. But that didn't matter that much since Shawna did like him a bit because she considered him funny. However, Kyran, wanted Shawna to be his wife. And he almost got it by having an unfair advantage over Lance by always being paired with Shawn on missions, and that Shawn doesn't know anything about his true feelings. He secretly tries his best to impress her, and as the series progresses, he made a sincere speech that unintentionally makes Kyran look bad in front of Shawna, and then it got him down the wrong path and after attacking him, Kyran became an assistant to the Prince of Destruction. He felt awful ever since, and both he and Shawna agreed to hold off their plans for a wedding after they find out how to talk Kyran out of being POD's stooge. He is omnipotent, but his non-brightness keep him from thinking things through with using his powers in obvious ways.
  3. Shawna Blackout- An omnipotent Superior crane who is very attractive, especially to Kyran and Lance. While her real name was Shawna, but she likes to be called 'Shawn' due to her tomboyish attitude. She is a solitary agent who has little personality except for being busy, slightly tomboyish, and extremely beautiful. She does care about Lance, but their relationship is usually unintentionally damaged by Kyran, who actually meant well and wants her to be his wife, and in all honesty, has a lot more sympathy for Kyran for trying, and felt it was always a little bit mean of Lance to insult Kyran as 'A klutzy doofball' and other such names for constantly distracting her from him. It doesn't take until the end of Generation 1 that Kyran is proven to be a huge jerk, and she settles for Lance, and even though they agreed to get married, they hold it off because they both felt they were too harsh when Kyran ends up going dark, and plan to save him from further corruption.
  4. Kyran the Woe (Formerly)- An omnipotent Superior egret who is a hopeless romantic and surprise villain who unfairly and slowly wins the heart of Shawna, but is not considered 'truly evil'. Just a bit of the team delusional mean little twerp. While he started off as a successful agent, he was also Lance's rival for having a small relationship with his crush, and he constantly distracts her from him. However, one time, when Lance gets fed up with Kyran going a bit too far with it, he ends up ruining it badly when he gave a very sincere speech that Lance loves her for being intelligent, not just because she was a charmer. In anger of being humiliated, Kyran attacked Lance badly, but then was met with scolding from Halifax as a result. But he is soon made a double agent for the Prince of Destruction, and it isn't found out until the end of Generation 1. After that, he is transformed into a regular Superior, and banished from the Justice Continuum, and now serves as an assistant of the Prince of Destruction. Lance and Shawna feel bad for humiliating him in the first place, and postpone their wedding until they get him on their side again.
  5. Gadar Myrtle- An omnipotent Superior giraffe who is a fair but firm agent who investigates crimes, and carries out punishments that are usually unfair. This is considered against what the JC stands for, but Halifax keeps her in the JC because she is very successful at her job. She usually causes conflict with Lance, and her punishments make him almost angry enough to get him kicked out. Regardless, she is never kicked out. It's safe to say that there's more to Halifax than because she's an accomplished member, and it's easy to assume Halifax has personal feelings for her. She is omnipotent, and never hesitates to cause misery to any criminal whatsoever.
  6. Brittany the Astonishing- An omnipotent Superior snow leopard who is the daughter of Razemaster, who was originally a member of the Justice Continuum until she gave up her omnipotence so she could keep her safe. When she grew up, she realized that she couldn't resist the temptation of using such god-like power to help people, so she joins the JC out of pride. She is often naïve at times, but she does do the right thing. She loves using her powers, but knows what not to do with them, and she once sacrificed her powers to save her mother. While she got them back, she is still an excellent agent, and she might hold the key to getting Kyran reformed.



  • The Enigmas- A group of heroes who originated from interdimensional energy beings that have had a war against a fascist empire. The Justice Continuum knows them, and have them in their files, labeling them Level 2 heroes for their responsible personalities, their 86% flawed relationships, and their 75% clean battles against evil.
  • C.A.S.T.L.E- An anti-terrorist organization that possesses great technology, and consists of Superiors and Non-Superiors who help bring peace and protection to Kratos. The JC labeled them Level 2 heroes in their files for their intelligence, achievements in the government and justice system, and their 48% clean battles against evil.
  • The Amazing Nine (Fictional versions)- A group of 9 Superiors who were based on the real characters. They fight villains in their time, and occasionally work with other Generation Comics heroes. They are labeled Level 3 heroes in their JC files for their half-clean personalities, their 12% tendency to make mistakes, and their 58% clean battles against evil.
  • Razemaster- A Superior snow leopard who used to be a member of the JC until she retired for being worried about her daughter who may've been born omnipotent. Since her retirement, the JC has asked Razemaster to keep the existence of the Continuum a secret until she discovers her omnipotent powers. When she does, Razemaster has become a super-spy for Grotch and is among the best. She and Lance are sent to investigate the girl, named Brittany, is told of the JC by Lance and her mother, and Razemaster is given permission to temporarily get omnipotence to teach her to control her powers. Once she does, she is given the choice to either join the JC or stay on Kratos and have her omnipotence removed, told of the risk that she couldn't resist the temptation of using it. Once Brittany is able to stop a nuclear reactor from exploding, she realizes that if she wants to save Kratos like that again, she must join the JC. She is made an official member, and is named Brittany the Astonishing. Razemaster is named a great hero, and is even given semi-omnipotence as a reward. Since then, she's helped the JC a couple of times before.


  • Prince of Destruction and The Bureau of Evil- The Prince of Destruction is an omnipotent frill-necked lizard who was once a prince of a Kingdom that was bound by rules and guidelines. Unfortunately, with all his God-like power, PD, then named Prince Frillix, had wanted more. He was 3 days into becoming the ruler of his kingdom, and he saw much more to his powers than ever. He was able to convince his kingdom to expand by creating more omnipotent beings. 2 days later his own parents were brought into attention of this, and in return for the rest of the kingdom being spared, Frillax was brought up to the JC for his crimes. His sentence: He would be stripped of his omnipotent powers, and banishment to Kratos, while his Omnipotent creations being reversed back to normal. This was done outside of a few rules being bended because the worse that would normally happen is just the damage being undone and that's it. The trouble is that a superior died from becoming omnipotent due to a power flux, and three others became super evil, and Frillax was not only aware of this, but considered them 'failed experiments', implying a dangerous sense of Social Darwinism. He knew it was dangerous because of the fact that an omnipotent Superior is hard to create unless you have proper training from the JC, otherwise it could lead to corruption by a small tumor created by the process, or it could mean death by a power flux. The damage would've been worse if Grotch and Halifax hadn't done what they had to do. But what they had failed to realize was that Frillax was given his omnipotence back by some evil Superiors, and they all formed the 'Bureau of Evil', with godly powers similar to his, but limited. He became the sole leader, and with access to some of the JC's secrets, and another criminal organization called Ampers Inc., they plotted revenge against the JC.
  • Douglas Trask and Ampers Inc.- Douglas is a Superior sloth crime boss who makes massive profits by running an illegal amping company called Ampers Incorporated, which is also an unlicensed business as well. Douglas had been arrested multiple times for possession of amping substances, and has been put on several probations for it. He believes that amping isn't as harmful as they say it is, and even though he knows it could lead to injuries, lawsuits, even death, he was able to control the illegal technology brilliantly. He has made millions in his company, and when it was bought by The Bureau of Evil, who made a deal with Trask that he would help them get revenge on the JC if they got rid of his probations. They did, and Ampers Inc and the Bureau of Evil have been in cahoots ever since.
  • Crisis- An Superior Fennec fox who is a villain that the JC have battled 5 times in the past, and will possibly attack again. He was a known lunatic that grew up with schizophrenia, making him one of the most difficult people to handle. When he first caused trouble for the JC, he was sentenced to execution for his insanity. So far, he's evaded capture, by all enforcement, even the JC is often left stumped. He's basically a cranky genius who is a blend between the Heath Ledger Joker and the Riddler, and likes to predict disasters by throwing riddles at his opponents, some of which lead nowhere and are difficult to solve. The JC faced many close calls because of this, making him the JC's Biggest Enemy #2 behind The Prince of Destruction, even though the two are never interested to join forces due to conflicting intelligence, and even PD thinks Crisis is just too insane for the Bureau of Evil's standards, even if it's not that much of an improvement. Crisis is known to be a serious and strategic killer. He manages to hoax the authorities just as they think they've got him, even when they try to stop him from committing a murder or an evil plot. He wreaks anarchy and misery wherever he goes with his massive array of powers, and nobody has ever been safe from him when he's involved. His powers include teleportation, weather manipulation, fire manipulation, air manipulation, earth manipulation, water manipulation, sublimation, omnilingualism, psychometry, telekinesis, telepathy, a psychic shield, invisibility, near-invulnerability, super-flight, super-strength, super-agility, and ghosting powers.
  • Edmond the Crux- An omnipotent Superior gelada who is an extremely religious person. He had been busted by the JC for trying to turn all Superiors into omnipotent beings to bring forth 'a new era of evolution'. He was sent to jail for it, and it's not long until the Bureau of Evil gave him omnipotence to allow him to get his revenge. But he actually double-crossed them, and tries to redo his last attempt, only in a much non-lethal way, and that meant making all of Kratos a godly wonderland. Soon, all of Kratos looked like Olympus, and he decided not to make Superiors omnipotent until the time was right. He managed to seduce most of the JC into seeing his ways, and Lance and Shawna were the only ones left. He managed to turn Shawna against Lance, and nearly gets Lance to give up. But with the help of Razemaster, he manages to get everyone back to normal, and defeat Edmond, sending him to jail and taking away his omnipotence. He does get his omnipotence back twice, but he loses them each time. He is still out there and ready to strike again.
  • Effector- An omnipotent Superior Sulphur-crested cockatoo who was a victim to The Prince of Destruction when he was still in his original kingdom. He was made into an omnipotent Superior, but the side effects were that he became increasingly evil. With the Justice Continuum searching for him and 2 other evil omnipotent Superiors, he was the only one found by the Bureau of Evil while the other two were captured by the JC and turned back to normal. Effector had been tasked by the Bureau into searching for those same Superiors and make them omnipotent again and turn them onto their side. Effector was successful in locating the two cockatoos, naming the two Buster (Salmon-crested cockatoo) and Omnite (Major Mitchell's cockatoo), in which the three have become successful villains who wreaked evil and always got away with it. The JC was getting constantly rigged by the three villains, but they were nevertheless defeated, and changed back to normal, and was never seen in the comics again.
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