Prosecution Brain-Pod has been self-corrupted by his ignorant thoughts that, in his mind, two dangerous 'criminals' Qui and Kevin were allowed to slip through the grips of justice, and goes out of his way to go as far as framing the two incredibly well for crimes they didn't commit. As a result, even with the protection of 'Harvey Wadder', the two start to lose everything, and Brain-Pod is satisfied that he finally had these two finished. After being eventually forced to allow the trial to be postponed after evidence doesn't add up, and needs investigation, he vows to make sure the Lodgers place the blame on Qui and Kevin for good. He apparently does this so well, he starts getting Cynder and Crane to be over-protective to the point of them getting furious, and investigating this whole thing all by themselves. Brain-Pod even goes through this the whole time, so he quickly discovers that Harvey was Crane this whole time. Avoiding the risk of getting accused of espionage, Brian-Pod waits for the right moment to tell everyone about Harvey's alter ego. Once the final judgment day comes, who will win?


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