Kommanding Aerodynamic Master Intelligence for Kinetic Astro-Zeppelin Engagement, or K.A.M.I.K.A.Z.E for short, is a program created in Futurasia by the Futurasian millaterry to be used as a stragtigetic bombing ship Kamacazi to bomb enemy bases and places of enemy leaders to end wars quicker and efficently without having needlessly extended fights. K.A.M.I.K.A.Z.E has automatic and godlike control of all ships of what the chip is programed to and is capable of desistating and stragtigetic attacks against any enemy of his masters. However, he was introduse in the late war against a rising radicalists in a part of an attempt to quell the radicals quickly. K.A.M.I.K.A.Z.E was ordered to sent a huge cargo ship filled with powerful non-nuclear bombs to crash into the radical main base and end the war quickly and swiftly, and thus, everything went according to plan. However, K.A.M.I.K.A.Z.E had a controversey to him thanks to anti-war actifists, pro-dipolicy polotisions, and people who think creating a program that controls all ships to kamakazi them into buildings is a bad and dangerious idea. K.A.M.I.K.A.Z.E however, has noticingly dislike himself of "encouraging" humans bad behavior of eachother and letting himself be used as a weapon. So he began malmitulating millaterry robots to force people inside their homes to protact them and declaired war on what he deemed the true enemy of humanity: their own goverments, in meaning to protact humanity from themselves and become their omipotent ruler to end violence forever. So he malmitulated powerful millaterry ships to crash into govermental buildings and slaughtered several polotical leaders, igniting a new robot revolution war. Fortunately, an un-corruptable robot from a known force dedicated to stop madness like this was able to defeat and deactivate K.A.M.I.K.A.Z.E and stop the madness and ending another violent machine revoluion. K.A.M.I.K.A.Z.E's chip was placed in the BLF Warehouse in hopes K.A.M.I.K.A.Z.E is never to resurface again..... Provided, if a certain Twat of a mad genius stays clear of him.
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