Komplex is a sentient computer program that manifests itself in the form of a computerized toad face on viewscreens, and is the unopposed ruler of the Toad Empire. Komplex was created by Dr. Hopkins and his two colleagues, Dr. Wartimer and Dr. Croakley and entrusted to run their entire planet, the Toad Homeworld.

The program somehow became not only sentient but malicious, and used its stranglehold on all things electronic to brainwash the entire toad race and mold them into an evil, fascist empire. To ensure that they would remain brainwashed, Komplex ensured that they would all watch mind-numbingly addictive Toad TV. Komplex's goal was to take over the entire Aniverse because for unknown reasons it has a frothing hatred of non-toad races.

In the comic, the computer was unnamed but upon achieving sentienced named itself Komplex, whereas in the cartoon it was always known as Komplex by its creators. In both the comic and the cartoon, "Komplex" is "toad-speak" for "Feed me."

Although primarily preferring to appear on viewscreens to communicate with its various underlings and never really take a direct part in things, in the final episode of the series, The Taking of Pilot Jenny, Komplex uploaded itself into a robot body called "Komplex-2-Go" after deciding it needed to handle Bucky O'Hare personally. Next to Toadborg and the Total Terror Toad, Komplex-2-Go proved to be one of the most formidable enemies Bucky ever faced, being not only nearly indestructible but also armed with a wide variety of deadly missile-based weapons. Despite being assisted by almost the entire crew of the Indefatigable Bucky could only damage Komplex in this form, and it was only through sheer luck (and some help from Jenny during an out-of-body experience) that Bucky was able to overcome the mechanical monster and destroy Komplex.

Role in the series

KOMPLEX, despite his demise, now serves as the "Big Bad" of the Dave Felis adventure series, where it is revealed that he is really the computer program form of the Virus user A'Bu-se, a corrupted Utrom who created Komplex to decieve the toads of their homeworld to do the work of the toads and learns the dark arts of fusing his soul to the deceased Dark Spawn Lord, Mephistomon. Once the Komplex program had done the duties of controlling interest rate and all th boring things the toads never wanted to do, A'Bu-se used his invention "mind control transferator" and fused his mind to the Komplex program and became the Komplex program itself for A'Bu-se's commands from Kin Einmortal to conquer all systems in the fan universe, starting with Earth. But after his defeat in the first 3 episodes of the Dave Felis series, it was revealed that he was merely a Cyran servant to an even greater Dark Spawn Lord called Kin Einmortal, leader of a separate group of villains known as the World Corrupters. Upon this revelation, he destroyed the entire Toad Empire, eliminating the toadians forever, and leaving the Toad Generals stuck on Neverland while he joined up with his true master. Once he revealed his true ultrom self to the other servants of Kin Einmortal, he ordered the Komplex program's old Transmentalfusion Device to be tossed into the ocean, presumed this Komplex form might never be seen again, and it ain't known it will resurface because of Kin Einmortal's orders to abandon it and the former demon beast army to Kin Einmortal. In other words, Komplex is not a true darkspawn, turning out to be a suit for an eviler alien who had use Mephistomon's soul to reclaim his master's work.

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