Ka Blang is an Alternate UUniversal Pretellator from Planet Zo. He is a deadly vicious and very giant crocodilian bruiser and deadly thug who had found his special place in a life of crime since he wanted to be special since he was bullied as a kid for being small. He believed that tutelage in Qong Fu through Master Uugwuey would help him learn, but when he ends up accidentally sending Gengshi into exile from the palace, he was convinced by Master Crobra that he was already with a purpose: He was big, and bigger than anyone else in the palace, so he got him to suggest to himself that he didn't need them anymore, and ran off, becoming a thug that hurt all his childhood bullies brutally, and has since become a deadly and feared individual who could crush all in his way, and thus becoming one of the other students Crobra turned against his master. He is the AUU version of Lidong.


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