Kadira Kali Blackwater is a Superior civet from Kratos. She is a Superior witch who was a good friend to Grotch Prometheus as a child, yet had a tragic past involving discrimination. She was loathed, taunted, and oppressed for her uncontrollable powers, and several undocumented ones. She only had Grotch to give her hope. Even after graduation from high school, she was still oppressed. When it went so far as having bullies invite her to a party, only for them to end up embarrassing her in front of the entire crowd, she got so fed up that she attacked the entire crowd, injuring or killing certain members, and going on a major killing spree that got Grotch's attention. She explained to him that she is now convinced that 'superpowers were a poison that needed to be purged from Kratos', believing that it's what could cause something very serious in the future that could wipe them all out, and she would now dedicate her life into doing so even with superpowers, knowing that she will lose them and no longer be oppressed again. She tried to convince Grotch to join her and help her get rid of superpowers and prevent discrimination, but Grotch refused and tried to beg Kadira into changing her mind, only for her to snap and try to destroy Grotch. She was thankfully defeated and imprisoned in a tomb and buried under the icy depths of the Tartarus Valley, leaving Grotch to be very heartbroken to have lost a good friend, and yet he agreed that a gift like superpowers are very risky and could lead to discrimination, or worse. While he would try and do something about that by trying to make peace with other-worldly beings, Kadira would remain sealed in ice until an eventual return.


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