Katty Pus

Kaiti Katty Puss

Kaitileen Kattalore Pussix, going by the nickname Kaiti Katt Puss, or preferring to be called Katty, is an Alternate UUniversal Cunone from Planet Cunoone. She is a known daredevil and several-times savior who helped the Cunone Rebellion fight off invading members of the Villains Act. She once even stood up against Darkness Qui herself and lived to tell the tale. She became a sensational hero and was considered a Heroes Act candidate. However, her over-protective father, Count Pusar Puss, always made the Grand Council reluctantly reconsider every time. Katty never appreciated the well-meaning but 'uncool' actions of her father. She even argued that the fact she stood up against the ultimate leader of the VA should be enough to let her join. However, she one day discovered the horrible truth about the Puss legacy and the 'Cunones' Bug-Ugly Truth' that the Veexomites were sacrificed in a well-intentioned attempt to rid the Cunones of their previous idiotic emperor, Emperor Marlin Paw, with the surely and clearly insane idea of provoking a war. Katty was disgusted being a Puss and hated what her father did, but couldn't bring herself to hate her own father, as horrendously demoralized he was, and she knew that if she exposed this, it would mean the end of her fame and possaibly the end of the Cunones, or even the USRA since it was founded following the Veexomite War because some races don't and won't take kindly to scapegoating races for their own gain. She was forced to live with this memory of the truth, even after the Alternate UUniverses was altered favorably and heard what the altered-out reality was previously like, so she still had her rep from fighting against the VA, minus standing up to Qui for obvious reasons cause her involvement was among the altered-out changes, but the the fact it happned still earned her some phrase. But one day, she will truly become the truest hero ever and get the chance to save both the Cunones and the Veexomites from the treachery of her own father and finally be considered worthy for the Heroes Act after all.


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