"Kally" The Chaybdran.

The Chaybdran "Kally" is a female Chaybdran who gained sentience and moral reckindition from looking at an abandoned truck filled with mercentise of a famous off worlder fictional Barnity super hero, "Space Captainess", a heroine of limitless and unbowing compassion and kindness for even the worse of the worse, so the Chaybdran began to marvel at the stories of Space Captainess, even coming to learn english from reading it so many times, (Helped that she also found a convinently preserved dictionary not to far from the truck), and came to admire her to the point that she started to mimic her form, helped by unsentient Barnity that was already dying of old age and embraced the Chaybdran's abosrbing in wanting to be finally gone quicker. In so, she began to realise how her race have poorly handled the planet of Sispice, but remembers that it was all for a good reason in that the so-called "Destroyed Homeworld", Chaybdra, will come and absorb the planet Sispice to become whole again, only stronger and greater then it originally was. However, that never stopped her from longing to befriend any of the colonists so she can be able to warn them of such, but because of the war, she knows that she has very little ability to be able to meet them, let alone to not have them panic and run off. However, in thanks to a tyrannical new leader of Sispice's defence force, that may change sooner then she would think, and be able to warn the truth behind the Chays hostile ways in that they were trying to spare them of a process only the Chays can survive from, all the while earning a friend in Qwincy Sispice and perhaps earn a chance to be apart of something greater.


(Formless form. Non-Chaybdranian Form. Fighter Form)

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