Katren Kittrina

Katren Celia Kittrina

Katren C. Kittrina is a fictional Superior bobcat who was published in Kratos' XD Comix. She is 25 years old who was born with a rare condition that kept her from growing, leaving her to stay the rest of her life looking like a kitten. She is the sister of Bad Kitten, who has the same condition that made him evil, and has been trying her best to help him with little success. She loved her brother more than anyone since their parents died of STDs. No matter what she did, Bad Kitten's hate for being the size of an infant made him angry and jealous, and he never shows remorse for what he does. She eventually helps The Stand-Lone Kidz and the Challenger Children battle her brother after he turned them into regular babies again, and defeat him. She has since earned the affection of the 20 kids with her determined, calm, and sassy personality, and her striking body (Which is pretty hot for baby standards). While she's trapped in a kitten's body, she and her body are still matured. She doesn't care about her size or an memes that her brother has faced, she knows that being different isn't something to be ashamed of. In fact, it can come in handy sometimes. Her size can allow her to enter smaller spaces that no others can normally go into, and being smaller means it's almost impossible for someone to catch you. She does know that her 20 kid friends love her, but while she is touched, she finds it funny that most of them fall for her. The one she seems to fall for the most is Dura Child, who starts to slowly fall in love with her despite him being busy and more adult. She has the same skills her evil brother does, and fights perfectly. Her powers include super-strength, super-agility, wallcrawling, teleportation, telekinesis, and invisibility.
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Katren was born a month after her brother, Rufus, did. They both grew up with a rare condition that kept them from growing, leaving them both to forever be trapped in the bodies of kittens. Growing up into their teenage years, the two went to different schools. While Katren was respected and had a lot of friends, Rufus was bullied for being the size of a baby. Katren hadn't suffered the pressures of such a thing like Rufus did, so she didn't care how small she was. Her parents had been disappointed that Rufus had become angry of being small, and was thinking of running away. So, Katren was left in charge of watching over him to ensure he doesn't get into any trouble. In fact, she was left with that responsibility for the rest of her life since both their parents had died a year later of STDs.

Left with each other, the two siblings have been having rough times together. Rufus has been able to graduate, but his dark outlook in the world has been blooming after years of each school bullying him for his size. Katren had tried to keep him under control the best she could, but because most of the kids in his school have gained jobs in the exact same community, his oppression grew and grew and grew until he snapped and attacked one of them, leading him to becoming Bad Kitten, who had gained the gymnastic and fighting capabilities to be perfect enough to make the world pay for treating him like a 'child'. Even Katren couldn't stop his decision, and because of her oath, she watched over him while he was plotting and scheming. Her pleas couldn't help at all.

Then came the day Rufus made his first strike at Sanitary Techs, which he was able to take over and gain all the technology, even finding out about the origins of the Challenger Children and the Stand-Lone Kidz, whom he decided to have his own fun with. He discovered some leftover clues to recreate the Pedokinea Serum that brought the heroes to life, creating a substance that he intended to use to turn the kids back to their normal baby selves. He is able to gain the attention of the kids, and lock them up, spraying the substance into it, making them babies once again. Katren then decided that enough was enough, and after Bad Kitten strikes her after another attempt to stop him, Katren discovered a way to create the Pedokinea Serum again, and successfully brings the 20 kid heroes back, and explains her and Bad Kitten's backstory, and they band up to stop Bad Kitten from causing trouble. They lock him up, and Katren decides that he would be safe in prison, and starts a new life over as an ally to the Challenger Children and the Stand-Lone Kidz. In fact, in their adventures with her, she seems to catch the affection of some of the Challenger Children and the Stand-Lone Kidz. She eventually becomes the girlfriend of the Stand-Lone Kidz leader, Dura Child, and even faces several controversies from the community of loving a baby even though she is an adult trapped in a kitten's body. But she didn't care, she still loved him.


Katren, like her evil brother, has a rare condition of severe hypoplasia, which keeps them both from growing big through time, leaving them to remain the size of kittens for the rest of their lives. While this may lead to oppression sometimes, it has it's advantages. Katren can crawl though spaces that a normal person could never get through. Plus, she is small enough to avoid being grabbed by bigger people. She was in the same gymnastics and martial arts classes as her brother was, allowing her to move quickly and fight with extreme grace and balance. As a bobcat, her whiskers can allow her to pick up vibrations, she has great smelling and hearing, and has natural agility. With an exception of her size, the rest of her body is matured.

Her Superior powers include super-strength which allows her to lift over 5 tons of weight, and her natural agility is doubled with super-agility, allowing her to be given faster reflexes, quicker speed, and great flexibility. She is also capable of crawling on walls by manipulating her body's electron attraction, but with her size comes a small fear of heights, yet she is still able to adapt well to it. Other powers include teleportation, telekinesis, and invisibility.

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