Kava Ralthe

Kava Ertuos Ralthe

Kava E. Ralthe is an alien from the Galactic Federation who was a captain of his homeworld's police forces until he was captured by the Dragmites when accidentally crashing on their home planet of Dragma. His ship was the third to crash on Dragma, and he became the assistant to Chief Laggon. Kava is not only his assistant, but he is the commander of his guards. He is hot-tempered, merciless and doesn't trust Vrank for causing the clan's misery of being trapped on Dragma possibly for the rest of their lives. He also believes that the Dragmites must be killed since, after the things they did, and after they took one of his eyes, 'they don't deserve to live'. He has even tried countless times to get Vrank killed by the Dragmites without anyone knowing. His actions will eventually lead to him making a simple mistake that will threaten both Dragma and the clan. He is a 8ft alien with the shape of a centaur, only with alien-like legs and other alien features. While it is understandable that he is just equily a victim to the Dragmites' growing insanity, his willingness to harm even fellow prisoners makes him asentually just another psyco like Cygron, both are hopelessly deludional and both are likely to end up doing something that'll seal both their fates. Given this, there will be a challnage ever being sympathic for him, espeically that he's asentually a drifter, he has no known family and friends and has no reason to be like this outside of being fearful that if he were to die, no one would miss him or even realised he existed, espeically since he assumed that cause he was missing, the Gfeds already assumed he is long dead and knows they won't come for him or anyone lost. You can get why he is going violently insane, but he makes it, so damn hard for you to legitamently feel sorry for him cause of his darwinistic attatude and willingness to harm even fellow prisoners for his own gain.


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