Elroch H. Kazington is an Alternate UUniversal Weollan from Planet Jinter. He is a deadly criminal who, as the result of anesthesia, had forgotten the whole reason he was in prison to begin with, as he was so because his crimes made him contemplate suicide and when this resulted in him losing memories, it was for the best nobody reminded him. He ended up being the partner of Mr. Shorshank, the overthrowing leader of his prison who sympathized with him and made him his top enforcer, as he had the muscle and the durability to do it. However, what Shorshank didn't know was that, as the result of being in a male-only prison, Kaz became gay and wanted Shorshank, becoming utterly jealous when he got together with Madam Xoxo and had a child named Xexo. Kaz manipulated the two into a scenario where they would separate by putting a clone of Xexo into the Damnator, a device meant to mentally torture and harm insubordinates, as a means to keep them from suspecting the truth, while the real one is left to be a masked bodyguard of Shorshank in secret. Kaz would do anything to make this plan work, would kill any who tried to expose it, and will utterly risk so many lives as a last resort. He is the AUU version of Borderlands Chaz, only his homesexual love interest is secret, and he is far more muscular and dangerous.


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