Kemming Gerald Skrawn

Kemming 'Kem' G. Skrawn is a Superior Sordes pterosaur from Planet Kratos. He lived in the underground dinosaur world of Hades, which the entrance is found in Tartarus Valley in Kratos' Frozen North. He is a controversial philosopher who believed in very disagreeable things just like all the other dinosaurs in Hades. He went to make a living in the surface world, and became a good friend to Grotch Prometheus. But his philosophies made Grotch worry about maintaining his friendship with him since he knew very well of what Hadesians believed in. They are less 'restrictive' about turning outsiders into Superiors and becoming omnipotent, those of which Grotch saw was risky and had illegalized. He knew that Hadesians went through excessive interviews and studies first before an outsider can be deemed a Superior or if the Superior can survive or remain uncorruptive under omnipotence, and they believe that treating superpowers as privileges is downright unfair since they're physical, and therefore they believe that they are free to do what they want with it as long as it's beneficial for the good of Superior kind. They are still strict about all other known Superior crimes such as amping, chronoterrorism, the experimentation of mutoquantonium, and others. Though they used depowering as a punishment, but still tough about using it in vain. While Hades is a seemingly-careless place, the dinosaurs there aren't stupid, and have a sense of morality. They still have proper order in their land, and didn't need certain laws to fit in. In fact, they are also atheists, believing that religion is a way of limiting intelligence growth like it did with so many other worlds in the past, thinking that gods are 'bio-spirits' and nothing else, but otherwise they don't bash religion, they just limit it enough to keep religious misunderstandings from interfering with science, and in a way, from causing other religious problems. They even have the strongest quantonium research in Kratos, and they search for stronger superpowers, even undocumented ones, to advance their future, never sharing any of it with the outside world until they are sure it's worthy of such and won't end up becoming restricted like time travel. But their biggest controversy is the philosophy that put them in infamy called 'Kemonism', developed by Kem himself which influenced their goverment and people that freewill is only to be trusted to those who are 'responsible' and careful, and that free-thinkers are a menace to society. They accept freewill only as long as they always make universally-accepted decisions. Freewill that acts dark is declared 'dark freewill', which is more corruptive and much more irreversible than even the darkest of magic. Kem also believes that the UUniverses should be under Superior control as a result to better them and bring true peace. Grotch had become friends with him after discovering the origins of Hades, and tried to make Kem see a brighter view of the worlds around them, often only being counter-argued that it's the individuals, if not the entirety of races, that are the problems of the UUniverses because of "dark freewill". People had viewed them as hypocrites for being what they are against: fanatics, but not by at all means hated them or their views, they just think they are overanalyzing it, and banished them to an underground sanctuary so they didn't end up being seduced by their beliefs. Kem by all means wasn't evil, but his views are ironically capable of corrupting people into becoming fanatics, and even terrorists, fighting to make this vision a reality. While Grotch doesn't all out approve of his belief, he respected it because he had a right to follow what he believes in and thinks what is right, he just asks him to be careful with it. However, that's not what Kem did, and his actions and beliefs ended up making him a menace to people's beliefs, and an overly-unsure Superior Senate forced Grotch to have Kem arrested, and sentanced him to death for being accused of treason, heresy, and religious fraud, despite Grotch reluctance to do so. As a result of this, the people of Hades thought that the UUniverses had turned the surface world of Kratos against them, and since Kem's attractive daughter, Jem, took the throne, the Hadesians declared that everyone in the UUniverses was against them forever, and with help from the regretful Grotch, isolated themselves from them so nobody would ever threaten their beliefs again by coming to Hades. From then on, visits to Hades were restricted to prevent dishonest souls from trying and take advantage of their soft stances on Superior rules, and even then, excessive interviews would prevent it from being possible, and by Kratosian law, the gained powers are only allowed in Hades and will be taken away before leaving to Kratos as an act of international respect. Jem was heartbroken that Grotch betrayed her father, and at first, swore vengeance, enslave all Kratosians, and make them follow the beliefs of her father, though in due to how she failed in getting Grotch to leave his throwne and falling in love with The eventual new ruler of Kratos, she ends up not going through with this vow, but is now trapped with her sins as a result. Because omnipotence is legal yet strict in Hades, Kem was omnipotent, but upon execution, a majority of his powers were stripped away.

  • MCode: ∞∞∞ (Formerly)


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