Khimi III

Galata Khimi III

Galata Khimi III is an Alternate UUniversal Coloran from Planet Sirona. She is a female tyrant who actually fools people with her man-like appearance which is the result of an androgynous medical condition common to invertebrate beings, as well as through her armor and strength with the goal is to conquer as many planets as she can in order to gain enough power to begin her own empire, having an entire army of machines and a warship, after her own chance to rule her home kingdom was blown by her own childish ego. She was eventually beaten in the fall of the Villains Act fighting the Heroes Act and the heroes of the Original UUniverses. This left her missing and eventually thrown into the hostile polar regions of Peerbon until being rescued by Colonel Scliges, but then defeated again by dumb luck and sent to Oranos. Reguardless, though Khimi is not resigtered as an honorable villain, she still has great appresiation to Scliges for saving her and would be unbiasedly loyal to her more then even any appresiation she had for the VA, even her own personal Pre-VA ambitions.


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