Kichaa is an African wild dog from the Pride Lands whose family was exiled to the Outlands since the Pure Hyenas' war against the Wild Dogs. She is the descendant of Alpha Kgosi, who was able to be born before his mate could die due to the impact the Pure Hyenas left. While Kgosi would be executed for defiance as revenge, Kichaa would become the surviving child's granddaughter, as her mother almost died thanks to an attack from the previous Lion Guard before Scar, orchestrated by the traitorous Ugomvi. This traumatic experience drove Kichaa mad as she grew up and she made friends with Reirei, who also hated the Pride Lands. They both admired her ancestor Kgosi and despised lions for their actions, and wanted to rule the Pride Lands for everything they took. They were both exiled with their families for attempting, and exiled to different areas. They both swore revenge since. While Reirei would become a mother, Kichaa became feral as her grief, anger, and loneliness drove her into being a mindless but clever hunter.


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