Kifo is an ancient lion tyrant from the ancient times of the Pride Lands. During it's beginnings, one barbaric lion ruled Africa with no mercy and a need to pulverize his foes, and he only had two foes that lasted very long: Mohatu the technical first king of the Pride Lands, and Mwongo, the tyrannical dictator of the hyenas. These three fought for the Pride Lands in barbaric ways. But Mohatu was the one to completely destroy his kingdom. Mwongo wanted this victory and went to war with Mohatu over it because of how disfigured Kifo made him. But while this war would give birth to The Pure Hyenas, Kifo would plot to take over once more with the last of his lion army. They trained and managed to cause a lot of chaos and uproar, creating a magic secret weapon called the Lionizing Roar, a dark technique that would come to be reevaluated into the Roar of the Elders of the Lion Guard after getting perfected by Mohatu's son, Askari, who defeated Kifo for the last time with the first Lion Guard. Though he refused to let his legacy die because his secrets were left wide open for future threats including Ugomvi, who perfected the Lionizing Roar to compete against Kion. Not much was remembered about Kifo because the royal mjuzi of the time, the drill Ukuu, considered such historical information dangerous.


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