Kileem was a powerful warrior king of Agrabah who wore an invincible armor that allowed him to survive even the most powerful attacks. Many tried to defeat but all failed. When Kileem died, how is not known. His spirit was trapped in the armor. and so the curse of Kileem was born.

When the minotaur Dominus Tusk threated to make Agrabah fall the Sultan makes the difficult decision put on the armor. Just as Tusk is about to smash Jasmine, the Sultan, wearing Kileems armor. appears on stage and cleaned the floor with the minotaur with his lighting speed and incredible strength.

The shadow side is that the magic armor makes it carrier paranoid. They see an enemy in everyone. Even his closed relatives. Also the carrier becomes easily offended, merciless and gains a temper. Slowly Kileem takes over the Sultan’s thoughts making the poor man plan an invasion of all the other kingdoms of the seven deserts making them part of Agrabah.


Kileem as a dark Sultan Clone

The only way for the Sultan to become normal again is to make him take off the armor. so Aladdin devices a plan to force him. He lures Sultan to a cliff side high above a river so Genie could push him off The heavy armor prevents the Sultan to get to the surface so he has to drop Aladdin’s plan. Instead he digs a tunnel to the shore then gets his revenge He knocks the gang out and let the guards arrest Jasmine for treason.

Now that Kileem has taken over the Sultans thoughts he is prepared to excecute Jasmine. Just in time Aladdin saves her and challenges Kileem as he knows the statue is the source of the spirits power. Kileem storms at our hero seconds before impact Aladdin jumps away and Kileem destroys his statue releasing the Sultan from it’s grasp.

Kileem has been currently ressurected by Emperor Fang to serve as a warrior commander in the Fang Empire. Kileem now wears a clone body of the Sultan, and can transform into a powerful Heartless form to gain more power.

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