Kilttron Greyboardous IX

Kilttron Greyboardous IX is an Alternate UUniversal Titanoid from Planet Sigrus. He is the excitable but still-serious-in-where-it-counts young son of the warrior queen Jegron and the wizard king Greybeardo the Tricky and a destined heir to the throne, as soon as he gets a potential mate and passes the Titanoids' tradition. Though he is carefree and heavily questioning of his place and purpose in life. Even though he understands why his father does what he does to toughen up his race for taking back their home planet of Titanmorna from the Daobassas, his Darwinistic views and sacrificial instinct make his position questionable. This stemmed from when one of his friends, Elisean, was banished for failing the rite-of-passage that toughened up Titanoids for the future Battle for Titanmorna when he was still in his pre-pupa stage.


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