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Kin Einmortal.

Kin Einmortal is the second Big Bad of the Dave Felis series and the leader of a new Villain Group known as the Dark Space Group Baireno, led by the World Corrupters. His goal is to rule or destroy the worlds in his power. As reveled from an updated intro of the Dave Felis adventure series, he appears to be a demonic tiger-lion creature, yet he seems to have a Digi-Furry for a daughter and that Komplex is his other servant, with a Zollenoid (or a spore-like frog) minion named Trifrog, with the Tiger elder god. Plus Komplex will be modified to a Zollenoid (A spore creature-like frog) in DNA Mutation (looking like a monkey-esque minion from the intro) in the next episode. Much still remains unclear why he has a digi-furry daughter named Kim, why he wants to do what he does, his history of his servevents, and how Komplex became his Cyran in the first place, and how he come across a leagon of Zollenoids (spore frog creatures) in service, but it will be explained soon during the series which Kim is someone Dave recalled. His first scheme now that he has been revealed is to conquer Earth alongside his recruited minions freed from prison: Scroop, Emperor Zurg, and an evil clone verson of Dr. Calico (possable creator unknown), The Sun Idol, Zuido from the last Remenant, and The Tastor Bros. His connection to Chernabog's successor, Malefor, was confirmed in part 3 of Dave Felis vs Sly Cooper. While Kin Einmortal is a powerful and intimidating leader to his minions, he served his loyalty to Malefor as the toad air marshall was to Komplex (or as it seems when he is to dispose Dave in return to give the life force to Malefor's rival Ryugu.) According to the World Corrupters page, HE is mainly the emperor of only the Baireno empire branch of the World Corrupters of the series, the real big bad and Emperor of the World Corrupters will be Diamond Ryugu.
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