King is the tritagonist of the Disney Channel show The Owl House. He is a tiny dog-like warrior, who was once a king, as his name suggests, but is now Eda's sidekick seeking to restore his titles and glory. But as later revealed, he is merely delusional and his magic crown is nothing more than a 'Burger Queen' crown from Earth. He thus has an army of stuffed animals, and seeks to amount to somehing for Eda and Luz. He is voiced by Alex Hirsch (Stan Pines, Soos, Bill Cipher and the director of Gravity Falls).

Role in the series

King is expected to play a role in the Outer God Arc as the Demon Realm is the byproduct of Azathoth, the dark ruler of the Mischievers, to act as a spawning world for evils equal to Darkspawn during the First Cartoonian War but went awry when they broke away of their own independence. Tom Lucitor had even attended classes in magic here for a period of time. In SAFA lore, it's revealed that he has a rival in the form of the real King of Demons, King Asmodeus, who turned out to be a phony anyway, and he has a girlfriend named Queen, as well as several children spawned from her named after the other chess pieces, all previously claimed by Asmodeus.

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