King Agamemnon

King Theodore Bi'yackstab Agamemnon

Theodore Bi'yackstab Agamemnon, A.K.A. King Agamemnon come his uprising, (Not to be confused with the UUniversal Greek King of the same name) is an Alternate UUniversal Knightan from Planet Pzerbia. He is the equivalent of a polished turd, that no matter how nice he dresses, he's always gonna be the foulist Knightan in existence. Originally from the Knightan planet, though of rich birth, he was not the most popular guy ever. Even his own family couldn't stand being around him that they actively tried to avoid taking him anywhere. Theodore was always thrilled and fascinated by magic and wanted to be the greatest "Wizardy Guy" of all time. However, in thanks to litterally his improper behavior for his background, and that many magic teachers sense something worse then just a noblemen with a personally of a commoner, he was rejected every time. Thus eventually he left his home planet for Manatera, around the time in Pre-UIS Founding times. He didn't got it any better there. His wealth was uncared for by even desperate peasents because of his attatude, thus Theodore was made to be a loner. However, post the introduction of Artifical Magic by Fortunoos, and that of the a'rising "Mana Lords", Commodore Komodore the Vyran, King Snoortos the Bulla, and President Scalemyer the Skepticen, with the success story of then-future queen Widowus, it was not just the artifical magic Theodore began to admire, but Widowus herself. Thus, in thanking to the three Mana Lords' lack of understanding of how otherwise unpopular Theodore is, the trio haphazordly accepted him as a pupel, to Fortunoos' clear distain and that shared of Widowus, who didn't even wanted to even entertain the idea of LOOKING at him, much less a conversation. He even was a terrorable student of Artifical Magic, being too easily addicted to any attempt of granting him the power that often it had to be reversed, pretty much being the Mana Lords' worse student. But, even in spite of Fortunoos' suggestion, the trio kept him around because in condition of making Widowus a queen, Theodore had to be made her king, though it was permitted that it doesn't have to be anything more then a professional relationship due to Widowus' clear love for Fortunoos. However, even with Theodore restricted enough to be managable, the addiction madness still got to Theodore's unenlightened mind and made the baggy pants doofus desperate. Thus, he began to enfluence local guards and got to their minds about how great it felt to have so much un-restricted power and began to bad mouth Fortunoos "For not really working with what he has" and being no better then the Manatera titan. With so, the guards, the once respected Moebius forces, stormed to Fortunoos' castle, killed his personal scribe and, in Theodore's eyes, killed Fortunoos, mutanted to an unslightly frog-eqsed abomination whose form always changed in an inconsistent and deformed mess, and decided to be called "King Agamemnon", which lead him to eventually over-wealm Widowus' forces, capture her to then place in a Harem Dunguin, and capture and exile the broken and betrayed Mana Lords to a special realm when it was noted they wanted to destroy the very thing they're respondsable for after it lead to fallout with UIS, and before that, Agamey slained the Manatera Titan as the last serious threat to him outside of Fortunoos. And on top of that, he began to fight off in unsettling ways against Anti-Artifical Magic coups often made from those that never backed it, then in inadvertent thanks to the Magic Drought thanks to unrelated events, he just about managed to wipe those coups out, except for a small band lead by a Mewman named Waverley, who he would've taken out eventually too had it not been for Manaventi showing up and, dispite many of Agamemnon's dirty cheating and dishonorable tactics, including successfully destroying their only means of teleporting to the nanomana well, was finally slain in the nanomana well as Manaventi hitched a teleport with him for a final comfrontation, and despite putting up powerful fight, Manaventi transformed the nanomana into normal mana and weakened his power over it, ending his mad reign at the least, though not nessersarly with the issue of Artifical Magic as Manaventi would soon learn, since Agamemnon only made it look unnatural through his abuse of it and it was supposed to be used for more beneficial uses.


King Agamemnon Pre-Asscendsion

Pre-Assendsion Agamemnon

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