King Bytho is an Equestrian ichthyocentaur from Centaurmainia's underwater kingdom of Ichthyocentauria. He is a bold and daring leader for his people who can not only negotiate and fight well, but provide well for his people. He secretly harbors an unspoken crush on Queen Novo. As revealed in Magic Is In The Water, he has a similar thinking to Novo, seeing the world as too harsh to even try major alliance after a former friend of his returned from a crusade and nearly stole a crowning jewel that could've crippled his kingdom as a means to rescue her boyfriend. He imprisoned her, and has since feared the outside world because whatever she saw must've changed her, especially when the boyfriend ended up killed, and the friend ended up blaming him for it. Bytho has since been trying to see outside his kingdom however possible, as his bold and daring title is getting called into question and he must keep to it and balance out his fear. (TBC...)

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