King Clax Zsaroo

King Clax Rallo Zsaroo

King Clax R. Zsaroo is an Alternate UUniversal Aufone from Planet Aufonola. He is the current and 196th ruler of the Aufone Kingdom, and handles diplomatic powers for the Beta Federation. He helps run the AUU Currency Troupe when most of it has been taken over by the Villains Act, and he used diplomacy to create a treaty that would allow Aufones to have the price of space transit be no less than 50 cents until they should discover space-travel. However, Clax has his own private shuttle provided to him by the other races. Since the Villains Act killed his wife in order to save money for their Currency Troupe power, Clax had made a law that all Villains Act villains who enter their home planet be immediately captured and sent to Oranos. Thus security on the planet was heightened, and no villains have ever set foot on that planet again. Today, the law remains until all villains are either destroyed or imprisoned. Clax is hoping to pass his position as king to his only daughter, Princess Nrade Zsaroo, who is having trouble choosing a husband to make that possible.


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