King Corbos

King Kyber Krueller Corbos

King Kyber K. Corbos is an Alternate UUniversal Bulliarn from Planet Bullgard. He is the brutal tyrant ruler of his hostile warmongering race, and is nothing short of a terrible brute and cruel monster. A bloody war has been around against them even before the Villains Act, and one single battle cost him his right arm to Headmaster Warson's war hero father. His eye even got permanently turned into a black eye. Angry, Corbos held off the war until the time was right so he could get vengeance against the Warson family. Then, once the Villains Act came, and a new AUU Grand Council was forming, Corbos tried to become the Headmaster because he believed his race could solve the Villains Act problem. However, his own infamy worked too well against him, and Warson was picked instead. This increased Corbos' desire for revenge. When the Grand Council then asked to borrow a loan for a huge battle against the Villains Act for a key system, Corbos complied, having secret dark intentions to use this as an advantage. Corbos was able to learn that Warson had ordered the creation of a superweapon that would've ended the threat of Villains Act invasions forever, and anonymously warned the VA. The project was destroyed and sabotaged before the weapon could be used. This put the Grand Council in a terrible debt that Corbos intentionally caused just for the sake of vengeance. He said that if they didn't want a war that can kill billions of people to break out knowing how powerful they were, they would do exactly what they said. So he makes it clear: obey him, or it's war. Having no choice, Warson agreed, and his Council was forced to turn average UUniversals into slaves to repair the Bulliarns damaged economy, and they were generous enough to free them if they complete their job without any complaints, which would takes decades to complete. Even the Villains Act was both impressed and disgusted by how Corbos treated the Grand Council, but they never even tried to try to indicted him as a member cause one, he's not a big fan of the VA just as much everyone else in the AUU is, but mostly because it was requested AGAGINST including the Bulliarn king cause of his potaintional to "Yarge Out" by General Tex, who warned VA leaders that the kind of power Corbos offered isn't worth an almost certain betrayal, considering he was quick to intentionally savatoshed the Grand Council just for short-term payback and cheating in a loan. However, what makes him go way too far and proves him to be a sadist is when a clumsy Clookatoo slave named Anti Venom caused an accident while floor-waxing that caused the Queen to slip off the castle and into the chasm nearby their castle. Corbos immediately thinks that he did it on purpose just because he couldn't handle being a slave, and orders the Grand Council to execute him while keeping his threat to declare war. That is where some heroes and some others would come in.


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  • "No one dares tamper with the king of the Bulliarns and expects to live! NO ONE!!"
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