King Diabetus

"When I'm done with Chrismas, it will be a very Gobliny for the rest of enturnity!"

King Grokmork Cellulite Diabetus is a sickly, overweight, aged, and deformed elf-goblin hybrid with a mental disorder, psychotic issues, and severe health problems with concerning unhealthy marks on his body, and a disturbing case of elephantiasis. His hybrid type is known to be the most disgusting and unsanitary kind of all. His parents were both an elf and a cave goblin who didn't intentionally mean to give birth to him, meaning his birth was just an accident. Nevertheless, they cared for him a lot, and had to have hundreds of vaccinations to interact with him. But his health conditions made him an outcast, even to Santa's crew. He wasn't allowed at the Workshop for the elves being disgusted at him, and as a result of oppression, he developed a violent personality. His parents eventually lost custody of him, and he was put in an orphanage where he was never adopted. He had grown to hate Christmas due to it never meaning anything to him for his oppression, and found a tribe of other goblin-elf hybrids, was able to take down their old king for his ill-natural girth, and take his place as their ruler, taking the name 'King Diabetus'. His first move was an assault on Santa's Workshop, but due to it's naughty shield, the attack failed. As punishment, he was banished to the Oasis of Greenland so that Mother Nature would teach him and the tribe some proper manners. However, thanks to North Wind, the tribe was able to gain their own underground village called Ingibjörg, located somewhere in Disko Island, Greenland. In return for his rescue, Diabetus remains loyal to North Wind while he plans to conquer Christmas, and all the while allow him to be reunited with his parents from the resulting 'equal' Christmas he provides. Diabetus is a deformed monster who was once doomed with a child-like persona and the mentality of an autistic kindergartener, and now is a vicious fighter who will do anything to get his way.


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