King Drakesis

King Pyrite Drakesis

King Pyrite Drakesis is the king of all of Equestria's dragons who lives at his kingdom at Great Dragon's Peak in the Dragon Outlands that are located southeast of the pony territories. He is a good friend to the Celestial Sisters, and has a queen and child prince. He is as wise as a wizard, and is not as greedy or corrupt as one would associate with an Equestrian dragon. His kingdom isn't the same, so he has to keep his dragon civilians in check so it won't convince hostile ponies like Pred Judu Des into murdering them. He is a dragon almost like Smaug, only he is 25% bigger than Celestia, and is mostly blue in color. He rules over many minor dragon leaders, good or bad, proving to have been the superior dragon for centuries, beating dragons, and winning over 26 Gauntlets of Fire, first win being as a lucky teenager with little experience, also being a bitter rival of other dragons like former child bully Torch, whose daughter, Princess Ember, is starting to date Drakesis son.


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