King Echidian Titanocolossus X of Bestiara is a monster from the Bestiary Dimension. He is an Echidna, a mythological monster that spawns many other monsters, possessing a long muscular Godzilla-like tail, six giant muscular reptilian legs, a large muscular bulky body, a lion head on a muscular snake-like head, ram horns, giant Ghidorah-like wings, and can breath a powerful beam of energy that uses aether or nether, just like the aether breath of Spyro, which has enough power to match a thousand atom smashers. He can feed on energy and lifeforce to fuel and superpower this breath, while also using other elemental breaths. King Echidian was, and is, the leader of the Bestiary Dimension who, in his arrogance, mastered magic exponentially and sought to use it as a weapon of war and conquer other dimensions, but a rebellion fought him to not do it because the leader had a vision that it would lead to their destruction. But he didn't listen and won, resulting in his plans succeeding, but found out too late that the rebellion was right when a Xexaxez completely destroyed their dimension and him along with it. When it was resurrected by a Resurrectorate, Echidian, seeing how wrong he was, decreed that the best thing to do was to eliminate their sentience as it is in a sentient mind's nature to progress and therefore use what is necessary to do it. Thus he cast one final spell to destroy all sentience in the Bestiary Dimension, after ordering his associate Archfiend Lusus Naturae to ensure that his orders stay fulfilled. He has since been a self-aware but unsentient monster eternally reproducing new monsters to rebuild what was lost. But one threat stands in his way, Snare, a Chibidon who finds himself disagreeing with this decree seeing it as cowardice, seeing it illogical to avoid the problem instead of learning from it. But Echidian's stubbornness still resides inside of him, as his followers succeed to keep him from restoring magic, but fail to capture him.

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