King Froztlen S. O'Butte, AKA King Frosto'Butt, is an Alternate UUniversal Welk from Planet Remena. He was borned to a non-royal family, of which had suffered from the wrath of alot of Ice Grimaces, Black Ice among them. As such, because of not knowing better and not realising the truth about everything, he became a figure head king of a Remenian Seperatist Group known as the Cold Shoulders of Almana, a legion of Almanan separatists born the same month of 'Snowstorm Iceandra', in which Iceandra, the Grim of Ice, sought the aformentioned Black Ice, the Storm Grimace, on Almana and virtually all of Vigorasia. The previous Welk leader, King Jamestone, tried to stop them, but Lady Cun'Tzon, the actual secretive leader and founder, made sure that Jamestone failed and ended up looking like a Grim/Empirid sympathiser for the fact he was in love with a troubled Empirid Queen who happened to practice Grim magic as a means to cope with it. Eventually Jamestone was deposed and Frosto took over Almana and it's technologically advanced kingdom, where the unwitting false king basicly became Cuntzon's figurehead puppet to continue the plans of Magemaster Ura'nus Azzhole apawn his defeat and reignited Grim prosicution and Empirid discrimination, along with acts of violating an agreement between Remena and UIS of having nothing to do with the grander universe by basicly having Worm McSinep partake with the seperatist regime.


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