King Geogre

King George, King of the Gargoyles

King Georgronmanisabronyblah, or King George for short, is the King of All Equestrian Gargoyles that were the original rulers of a pony-occupied sector of Equestria once called Gargoyumna, of which they were basically the 'Native Americans' of Equestia. George was the only one who wanted to make peace with the ponies, but back then, the ponies were very fearful of the gargoyles for their beastly appearances and were afraid of the many false rumors about them. When a descendant of the Judu Des clan ended up slaying an entire clan of gargoyles, George was relucent at first, but pubic outrage from his fellow gargoyles proved too much, making him do something he'll forever regret just to make his people happy and was forced to declare a war that, after a few years, they lost and were chased into the deadly, scary, dirty, unsanitary, and overall inhospitable Goyland Caves. George fell victim to his desire to help his people reclaim their homes to the point where he wanted to enslave all ponies, including their powerful 'Pony Gods', barely being able to keep his relucent nature of wanting to bring harm at all. It got to the point where he became an associate to his new co-king in the form of a mutant griffin named Man-Vulture, and with a series of personal henchmen in the form of bloodthirsty trigger-happy and insane gargoyles named Segnal, SpinokTecmeckElder JubbjibberstabElder MokomaElfwork, Half-Face Moangrorran, Narbol, and Pyrogrowmong. With these new assistants, George would've been able to be the next big threat since Nightmare Moon, had it not been for the re-established EUP Guard, and especially the Wonderbolts, and eventally with time, the famous Spitfire line. He was often mocked as a child for his rainbow wings, which are actually a rare condition for gargoyles. As a gargoyle, he is only active during the night, as he is stone by day, and luckily, he and his forces make it back to their home in a hidden hiding place within the wet Goyland Caves before they can become stone.


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