King Goreas M. Gargantu is an Alternate UUniversal Undezonan from Planet Undezon. He is the morally confused giant leader of the Undezon Underground where his entire monster-like race went since a war drove them there. His genome programming made him into the biggest possible breed in the Undezonan Genome Catalog, standing over 20.6ft tall, and being the one who seeks the Seven Purest Souls to free their kind from the malicious nature they possess, and get back to the purity they were supposed to be. Born in the Underground, he didn't go very well from the start as his royal lineage made him popular. Yet he had to prove he was worthy of the throne by proving to be the most scary and therefore fit person to rule the kingdom, but he blows it by saying he doesn't need to know the basics, and after being told that not knowing it will result in their land being exposed and ending their society, he is immediately denied being the sole heir, and not only does he lose popularity, but he is replaced by his stronger brother Obcisian Gargantu. Utterly bitter and jealous, he unleashed his ferocity and became the 'War Prodigium', a form that has never been used since their surface war, and this automatically restores his chances, and he is crowned ruler of the Undezonan Underground. Obcisian would move onto being utterly angry that he stole his spot, accusing him of being so jealous he lost his chance to be heir because of one fatal mistake that he cheated his way there. Thus, he triggered his own War Prodigium form and the two fought for dominance, to which Goreas rose triumphant, and exiled Obcisian forever, as he justified that he didn't cheat his way to the throne as he set him up to fail by making him too overconfident through the Dunning-Kruger Effect (Channing-Pruger Effect in AUU terms) and it took until now for anyone to believe him, exiling him for conspiracy. Thus, he remained the leader of the land, yet the two started fighting for the throne as, while Goreas would gain the Seven Souls to gain the purity they deserves, Obcisian would do it first so he could not only get his rule back, but destroy the people above and get their land back as he believed they were too malicious and greedy to have it nor deserve to co-exist with them given their long history of crime just on par with them.


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