King Hoximus Black was an Alternate UUniversal Lony-Shadest hybrid from Planet Equaria. He is the AUU version of King Sombra who used to be the siege of the Gemstone Empire who sought to save his dying race, the Shadests, who were cruel and torturous beasts made of living black magic that were wiped out for nearly tormenting Lonies past the point of sanity, as he discovered that the Gemstone Empire had a war with them and sealed them underground within a massive red crystal called the Dark Rouge, and yet they raised Hoximus as one of their own, as his name is Lonish for 'Pity', as he was shunned for his different customs and only had one friend and crush named Radius Faith, but after discovering his true nature, he left his home, and hoped to turn Radius into a Shadest to take over the Gemstone Empire for what it did. He tricked the empire into granting him much power as a senator, and then overthrew the kingdom, killing it's previous ruler by turning her to snow, and set his kind free as they made war with the Southern Obsidian Empire, and almost succeeded in taking it over before Queen Caelestis and Queen Nether turned him to shadow and banished him into the Dark Rouge, but not before making both the Gemstone and Obsidian Empires disappear, swearing to return with his kind. He has yet to do so.


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