King Jall OHarak is an Alternate UUniversal Sashum from Planet Waeetis. He is an ostrich-sized heron known for being one of the "cruelest tyrants" in the AUU for his taxation without representation, sending many people without their origiinal homes, though prevents them from being flat out homeless by having them live in condo complexes. He had a public royal guard consisting of blue-eyed crow-like birds, and was a benufactor for the Villains Act to stay out of the watching eyes of the Grand Council. He had a secret armada of VA Starbots which would be his Villains Act side, and he also had a few enslaved Gnoron magicians which had the strongest of magic spells for protection, and cohersed the strongest warriors and the smartest geniuses of his planet to side with him under conditions of benifits for their families and friends of families. Dispite all this, it's debateable when the Heroes Act finally does some business with him, and leave the position to his more economically-friendly brother. He's basically like the "OtherPrince John of the AUU. While not world congury evil like the Villains' Act, who he only benufacted for security, and as far as anyone would care to believe why he did what he did, he was asentually a doughebag and too money focused to ever be worthy of king. But there may had been more to him then what was suggested.


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