King Kylix

King Kylix Greece XXXIII

King Kylix Greece XXXIII is an Equestrian pure hippalectryon from Hippalectryia. He is a very tough yet extremely obnoxious leader for his race whose distant grandfather fought during the Hippalectryon-Hippogriff War in retailiation to when his granddaughter was mauled by an old queen of the Hippogriffs because of her bad hapit of being obnoxiously opinionated that lead to the Hippogriffs to reconsider from their former ways in embracing Aggression, of which Queen Corono, whom Kylix secretly has a crush on, had aimed to reverse ever since. He is the former keeper of the Hippalectryon's magical relic called the Crystal Egg, a thunderegg geode filled with magic gems and crystals that grants unlimited access to magic. (TBC...)
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