King Lardass

King Theodore Lardass V

King Theodore Lardass V is an Alpha Dreadnail and initionally the ruler of the Dreadnails of Mutantus. Dreadnails are infamous in the long list of BioGen's long lists of major fuck-ups. Dreadnails were meant to be an extreme form of weaponised biological animals meant to be seen as the proud symbol of Mutantus' power. But thanks to BioGen's ego, the Dreadnails, along side many other mutants, natrolly revolted as a result and basicly are respondsable for Mutantus as it is. Of all the Mutants, the Dreadnails are the most aggresive to normals, rivaled only by the Supermutants. The Dreadnails live under the monarchy of King Lardass, an obese but still dangerious Dreadnail. His ascention from his father and 3 grandfathers' legacy of leading the Dreadnails to the mutant revolt against BioGen means that he's from a legacy geared torwords hate. One day, his followers captured an albino female Croca named Leatherskined Bitch. After some mocking exchanges, Lardass and Leather fought eachother. The two were evenly matched, where one part Lard complimented Leather being surprisingly mobile dispite her size. But because of being too full of himself, he ultamately lost to Leather so badly, one of his horns broke off from the brute power of Leather before growing back years later. She has since taken over and redused Lardass to be a sniveling cowerdly yesman who obeys her whims. It ended the reign of Lardass, but started the rise of a greater problem, a problem that Noids including the much-dominant Waterloids wisely reckindised and fought against ever since, making the Dreadnail problem among the biggest issues of Mutantus, the biggest one is the ever looming BioGen. The reason why he has a very insulting name is because Dreadnails have a culture were they toughen themselves by given themselves insults based on their dominant traits and personality quirks. Hence why his shorten name is "King Lardass" and why L.B. is called by her given Dreadnail title.


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