King louie

King Louie

King Louie is a character from the Jungle Book, and is a member of the Jungle Crew. The original story for Louie started out quite differently, but he was eventually given the voice and personality of famed jazz trumpeter and vocalist Louis Prima. Milt Kahl, Frank Thomas, and John Lounsbery animated the character. He sings the song "I Wanna Be Like You" after he kidnaps Mowgli, and asks the boy to show him the secret of "red fire" so he can be human.


The Jungle Book[2]Edit

King Louie first appears in Disney's 1967 adaption of The Jungle Book story. King Louie sends out his monkey friends the find and capture Mowgli. The monkeys succesfully retrieve Mowgli and bring him to King Louie. King Louie offers Mowgli to stay in the jungle as long as Mowgli teaches him and his friends how to make fire. Mowgli has no clue how to make fire, but King Louie believes he is just being shy. Baloo and Bagheera head to the ancient ruins where King Louie and the monkeys live and rescue Mowgli.

The Jungle Book 2[3]Edit

King Louie did not appear in The Jungle Book 2, but a puppet of him can been seen in Mowgli's puppet show at the beginning of the film. His absence was due to Louis Prima's widow suing over the unauthorized use of her late husband's voice and public personal in past Jungle Book spin-off projects, as Jim Cummings's imitation of Prima featured in these was near perfect. This is rumored to have influenced the cancellations of the television spin-offs Tale Spin and Jungle Cubs. Although these rights have recently been dropped and Disney may once again use the character King Louie.


[5]Louie in TaleSpin. Added by Hey1234On the T.V. series TaleSpin, Louie owns "Louie's", an island bar not far from Cape Suzette, where most pilots hang out and refuel their planes, especially Baloo. Baloo is addicted to the various ice cream concoctions Louie serves, and he always charges them against his vast and ever-growing tab. Louie affects slightly dated California-hip talk, words like "bodacious" being a rather self-conscious part of his vocabulary. He enjoys hanging out with Baloo, either partying or treasure hunting (usually partying). But when he and Baloo get together, there tends to be some amount of trouble brewing (something Rebecca Cunningham has had the misfortune of learning). He's almost a genius in the kitchen, he creates many bizarre dishes and drinks (usually called a "Krakatoa Special") that he then unleashes on a poor, unsuspecting crowd. His standard garb is a tropical shirt and straw hat.

Jungle Cubs[6]Edit

[7]Louie in Jungle Cubs. Added by Hey1234Louie appears as a cub, referred to as Prince Louie, who dreams of being King of the apes. Louie also star in the show alongside Baloo, Bagheera, Shere Khan, Hathi and Kaa who were all a group of friends. A fast-talking prankster, he takes the troupe from one madcap adventure to the next. Louie is a genius inventor and natural-born leader. This verbose orangutan always has something brewing, and is one of the founding members of the band "5 Bananas." His scats deliver positive messages, proving that he is more than just a goof-off and has the potential to someday be king.

Role in the series

Louie reprises his role from the film. he was origenally planned as a member of the shell louge squad when Scroopfan finds a project for him, but Lionkingrulez called dibs on him, cause of Scroopfan already having Baloo and Bagheera, it didn't seem fair to include another jungle book character, so Scroopfan glady withdrawn Louie.

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