King Nephostratus

King Nephostratus Epoch

King Nephostratus Epoch is an Equestrian pure hippogriff and the ruler of all pure hippogriffs, part-pony and part-eagle, yet descended from both Equestrian ponies an griffins from Griffinmainia, and coexisted in a land that would later be called Hippogriffinstone, as years of miscegenation among each other created the pure hippogriffs, who all inherited the incorruptible purity of Equestrian ponies as a result, and named the land their kingdom and capital, with Nephostratus as their leader. Many other colonies in Equestria like Hippogrifia/Mount Aris, currently run by both Queen Novo and her sister Queen Corono who started to rule the rebuilt Hippogrifia following the death of The Storm King, and after the events of the movie, Princess Celestia felt that Twilight Sparkle's desperate attempt to steal from the hippogriff's underwater sanctuary of Seaquestria brought from their alliance with seaponies, that a summit had to be made to heal public relations. Nephostratus is a bold, elegant, charming, strong, responsible, if somewhat easily-frustrated, ruler for his kind, and has a daughter named Princess Ocheasha. Though Corono would later replace him as the leader of his race, and he would be made a rich embessy member, he doesn't care because it's revealed that he obtained the throne when the original heir and his brother Hailstone committed a crime that renounced his position to Nephostratus, who never wanted to be the ruler of his people, and it especially benefits his daughter as she has nothing holding her back from her social life. He can use his magic to undo magic spells and curses of any kind via persuasion and is numb to magic vulnerability.


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