King Seta is an Equestrian Changeling and is the father of Queen Chrysalis and Destiny. He was the loyal servant and public relations head of Queen Throx the 500th, whom he secretly had a crush on, which is what lead them to marrying and creating a brood of children during their races' first famine crisis. However, as time passed, Seta got better at running the kingdom than Throx, as she got jealous of his notoriety, and sought a way to surpass him. But with help of his chosen heir Destiny, who could not provide a compromise because she was silenced, they rallied up the subjects to decide who to look up to best, and they chose Seta, and Chrysalis' plan to sabotage it was stopped by Destiny. Throx, in response, declared war on them and 60 years of this passed until both Throx and Seta went into hibernation for a thousand years, and though Throx would awaken far before Seta's return, it would take some help to stop her and save Seta when she tries to kill him by poisoning him in hibernation.


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He is a male blend of these pictures: [1], [2], only with pure Changeling details, such as butterfly/bettle wings and wing cases, large horns more elaborate than Thorax's, orange-yellow pony/Chrysalis-like eyes, honey-like hair, and an orange body coloration.

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