Mana Lord Snoortos

Mana Lord Snoortos

King Snoortos, AKA Mana Lord Snoortos, is the former king of the Bullabull race and a founder of Union of Independent Systems alongside GrandmindCommodore Komodore of the Vyrans, and President Scalemyer of the Skeps. Being crowned king after the death of King Grudgo of the war with the Humans over Lyrma Solo, Snoortos has earned the reputation as "King Snorty" from critics for him being a netourious sore loser about how the USRA races helped the Humans win the war "Unfairly", arguing that it was not their fight and thay they were "Standing with a false Dynasty", arguing that the only reason humans claimed Lyrma Solo as they did because the Bullas were held back by their slow reproduction rate whilist in the process of recovering from their second civil war over losing the planet to begin with, and the war was meant to take it back from "The Usurping Hairless Apes", Snoortos clearly being a product of his time of Bulla resentment of humans because Lyrma Solo is a status symbol planet in that having it is a sign of superiority to Pisarque and a hallmark of dynasty, of which Snoortos deemed humans "Unworthy to have neither", arguing that if any race was easy for a Bulla to just grab and perfectly rip apart from the sides, is an unworthy race. So it wasn't all that hard for Grandmind to have Snoortos sign on to become a UIS founder because this allience to Snoortos, even at the sacrivice of their stark independence stance, was insurence against the Humans "Cheating" Allies in an event the Bullas try for round two of another Lyrma Solo war. For the most part, for all his cranky demeanor, he got along pretty well with Grandmind, but that would change in the 127 AB event involving Manatera. The four came to the planet to seek out useage of it's magic for the goals of UIS. But because of Snoortos clearly having desires of basicly entering a new Lyrma war with magic useage and that Manatera was against conflict, it was a big fat no on it's part. With Grandmind willing to take no for an answer, the other three were not so easily swayed, espeically since Snoortos was quick to side with Scalemyer and Komodore about how to resolve the issue: Introduction of Articial Magic. Alas, the exploit went downhall and the three were exiled from UIS, Snoortos not hesitant to give Scalemyer extreme shit for doing this to him. But eventually Scalemyer maintained his ties with the other two and the group went on to become the immortal sudo-god "Mana Lords" in aiming to proof articial magic's potaintional to UIS. Snoortos assentually became an even bigger gruff grump and has been known to give Scalemyer shit for plans that haven't even got started due to Snoortos newfound bitterness about listening to him to begin with, but Snoortos' sense of bulla honor keeps him from just striking out on his own.... That and Scalemyer and Komodore are the closest he has to real friends at the moment.


King Snoortos

Pre-Mana Lord Snoortos.

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