King Starby is an Alicorn God from Equestria and one of the Gods of the Moon, and the paternal grandfather of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, and the father of King Nightus. He had raised his son with his wife Queen Asterella into being a noble hero, but during the final days of the Chaos Wars against Tyranny, he, Asterella, King Solaro and Queen Luceen left him and his best friend and secret crush Queen Heavenslight, to keep each other company while they went off to fight. But when they ended up perishing when using the Elements of Peace, the two had to leave and go out searching for them until the revelation of their deaths lead to them making themselves the rulers of Equestria after helping mortal ponies in their struggling efforts to control the Sun and Moon, thus earning them their cutie marks and their new roles, and they end up confessing their love for each other, get married, and give birth to Celestia and Luna. Starby's soul is now contained within a star, and one of the aligning stars that released Nightmare Moon from her moon exile, as he is in charge of watching over the Moon hoping that his heir would make it possible.


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