King Wacky

King Wacky is the king of Draconequua, Equestria's Draconequus homeland. He is Discord and Mayhem's father, and is the husband of Queen Pranks. Unlike his two sons, Wacky is not a spirit of chaos. He is actually a spirit of laughter and comedy. Whem Mayhem was destined to rule their kingdom, he instead got corrupt with his powers, and used them for chaos and mayhem. After exiling him for his crimes, they gave the heiring rights to their 8-year old son Discord. Wacky and Pranks knew their second son wouldn't be like Mayhem, but at least not WITH Mayhem around. Thanks to Mayhem, Discord also became corrupt, and they both took control of Equestria together. They were disappointed at the sight of losing their other son after the Celestial Sisters turned him to stone for his own good, but Mayhem was just too powerful for their Elements of Harmony to have effect on him. After their defeat, Celestia's parents, King Nightus and Queen Heavenslight, made peace with the Draconequui and assured Wacky and Pranks that their new son would turn up someday.


Wacky was born hundreds of years after the Chaos Wars had come to an end, and was raised by a Councilmember father and a Hippologist mother. During his childhood, Wacky was a serious trouble-maker, and did hilarious magic tricks for his own personel entertainment. Of course, he never does this to his own parents, but on other Draconequui, like his brothers, Gutwrench and Nutso, and his childhood friends. Of course, he first met Pranks in his high school days, and immediately had a crush on her. When he helps her out from a bully Draconequus named Interferance, Pranks gets positive feelings for him.

As the years passed, Wacky learned more about the history about his race, and what they used to be, and what they must now be. When he grew up, he took his father's place as a Councilmember when he retired, and he soon realized that at the same time, Pranks became a Councilmember after HER mother retired. Knowing that the two of them were finally together, they spent private time together, and took trips throughout Equestria, eventually meeting Nightus and Heavenslight during one of their adventures after losing their parents in the Chaos War, realizing that they are among the last of the surviving Alicorn gods of Equestria. The 4 became instant friends, so much so, that Nightus and Heavenslight passed a proclamation that ended the discrimination of Draconequui and ponies when they became rulers 40 years later with Wacky and Pranks' help.

With Draconequui and ponies living harmonically together at last, Wacky and Pranks got married and became rulers of Draconequua after King Wisdom and Queen Boldness' 5,000-year rule expired. Wacky and Pranks soon gave birth to Mayhem, the first heir to their throne. But 20 years later, Mayhem soon learned about the Chaos War and soon grew jealous. Then, on the day Pranks gave birth to their new son, Discord, Mayhem began spreading chaos 50 miles from the Draconequus Magic Border Line, which prohibited Draconequus magic from crossing into pony territory. This resulted in Wacky and Pranks banishing him from their kingdom, and passed his position down to little Discord.

For years, Wacky and Pranks watched their new son grow up. Discord started making friends with Nightus and Heavenslight's two daughters, Celestia and Luna. When Discord was young, he would pull pranks on the sisters that would make them all laugh. But what troubled Wacky the most was that when Discord grew older, he didn't seem to understand the two sisters, and thought of them as dull and boring as time passed by. Fearing that Discord would become like Mayhem, Wacky and Pranks decided that he must know about the Chaos War and about his older brother. Discord didn't seem to understand, but regardless, he promised not to go near his brother or cause anything that would make him just like him. Then, when Discord became 18, and was about to be crowned ruler of his homeland, Mayhem captured him, and took him to his hideout. There, he tempted him to become a spirit of chaos by telling him more about the Chaos War, and then tells him lies about how ponies of Equestria, especially Celestia and Luna, would prosecute his kind for being part of the Chaos War, and would eventually lead to discrimination. Soon enough, both brothers began wreaking chaos throughout Equestria, took over Canterlot, and caused misery for the 3 pony tribes.

Wacky and Pranks were devastated. Mayhem had tricked his own brother into joining him in an attempt to rule Equestria, and continue the legacy the Draconequui were formerly supposed to do. But they were not that happy when Celestia and Luna got the Elements of Harmony, and turned Discord into stone. Especially not with Mayhem still at large and waiting for revenge after Nightus and Heavenslight put a shield around Equestria to keep Mayhem out. Wacky and Pranks got their guards to search all over the land for Mayhem, and see if they can turn him to stone as well, but to no prevail.

Thousands of years later, Wacky and Pranks were still king and queen, and were still searching for Mayhem. But they were forced to temporarily call off the search when they learned that Discord was free again, and was spreading chaos again. The couple came to Canterlot and warned Celestia and Luna just when her land began acting bizarre to Discord's magic. After his defeat, Wacky and Pranks continued their search for Mayhem. Then, 1 year later, they were struck with happiness when they learned that Discord was finally reformed. Celestia then took Discord to meet up with his parents again, and they were proud for him. But, the thing they weren't expecting was the Draconequua Council arresting Discord for violating the Draconequua Magic Border Line law like his brother. After a trial, Discord was sentenced to community service as punishment. Wacky and Pranks convinced the Council to let Discord choose his community service, and they seem to accept. Discord thought, and he decided that he should live with Fluttershy for a while, and help her around the house. So, agreeing this would be an excellent choice, the Council agrees. They also said that if he saw Mayhem again, then he should tell them so they can turn him in. Since then, Wacky and Pranks weren't sure that they should make him a ruler again since it's been a thousand years since Mayhem's first strike, and that they should wait, cause even though Discord is reformed, there are still cases where Discord more-or-less re-lapsed, exception for the Chocolate milk cotten candy rainclouds that Pinkie Pie asked for cause of a loophole that if Ponies willingly asked for Draconquui magic, it doesn't voilate the law and that it's tecnecly considering spreading joy, provided if the magic is cleaned up after words and if editable, is completely consumed or properly stored for later, and that Discord still has tendingcys of still being kind of a jerk.

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